Official Rules and Regulations

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Official Rules and Regulations

Post by Raiden on Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:23 am

Here are our official rules. They're not very restricting, so please try to abide by them.

1. “Extraordinary” characters (androids, mutants, cyborgs, child soldiers, etc) are acceptable, but do not go overboard! No ponies, unicorns, aliens, giant robots and over the top things like that allowed! We are trying to keep the school setting consistent, and if you're not sure if your character will fit, you should talk to an admin. Try to provide a believable explanation as to why your character is the way they are, and make sure that their uniqueness contributes something to them. Don't just do it because you can.
2. When you're ready to submit a character, you have to create an account with your character name and use it to submit an application in the appropriate forum. Make a new thread, then copy/paste the character form and fill it out. Once that's done, you need to get the approval of at least 2 of the admins in order for the character to be approved. If only 1 of the two admins gives their approval, the other two must specify exactly what the problem with the character is, and you have to fix those problems. Refusing to fix these problems means an instant character denial! Unless your character is beyond salvation (read: you either royally messed up the structure of the profile or made the character way too extraordinary, for example, a pony), we generally don't deny any, so work with us to make sure your profile is up to the standards we require!
3. Canon characters from anywhere (even Katawa Shoujo) are not acceptable! However, your OC can have some sort of relationship with a canon character (ex. Hanako's sister) from a media (game, movie, etc) as long as that media takes place between the years 2000 and 2020, in a "real world" setting. But, again – just because you can doesn't mean you should! Try to avoid such relationships if possible.
4. If you want your character to have some sort of relationship with another OC from the forum (ex. Family, childhood friends, etc), you will need to talk details out with the admin of the character.
5. ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA! If you have a problem with someone, explain it to them over PM. Calm, civilized discussions are okay, but heated arguments will be stopped immediately, and everyone involved will be warned. Any angsty posts (“Nobody likes me”, “This community is shit”, etc) will result in immediate ban! Also – no personal attacks against anyone! It's the admins' job to decide which character belongs and which doesn't. Anyone who thinks otherwise will be warned. Be warned twice, and you're out.
6. This is a bit hard to exactly put into words, but generally – do not be a creep. If most other community members feel like they don't want you here, then the admins will have no choice but to ban you. Make sure you're not in that position! Be open, don't be a dick and accept constructive criticism.
7. No more than 3 active characters per IP address with a maximum of 7 characters, regardless of their status as active or inactive.

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