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Post by Iro Shisen on Sat May 03, 2014 10:58 am

You can't really appreciate the implications of the term "white noise" until you've experienced synesthesia. The cacophony of noises pressed down upon Iro like a tonne of bricks, assaulting his addled senses with bright flashes of colour wherever she went. Blues, greens, whites, even blacks. The ever-growing orchestra of colour was coursing its way through her system, spreading nausea and pain wherever it went. A sharp pain began behind her right eye, causing Iro to massage her temple with two fingers in a feeble attempt to alleviate the pain.

The feeling of guilt didn't help either.

She raises her eyes towards the large board, scanning for signs of her flight. After searching through the endless list of places she hadn't even heard of, she finally locates the one she needs.


A sigh escapes her lips as she trudges towards the gate, unwelcome thoughts clouding her mind. She'd never been fired from a job before, let alone broken any rules. Well, that was a lie... some rules. But never any laws... nothing as serious as that. She'd known a night out in Townsville was a bad idea, but she'd done it anyway... and look at her now. Fleeing the country at the behest of her boss, career in tatters, future prospects of teaching ruined. All because of a stupid mistake.

The queue in front of her gate was a long one, filled with a mish-mash of people. Mostly the Welsh. It seemed a large group of them had taken a trip to Japan.

I bloody hate the Welsh. Always travelling in huge herds like some hideously deformed cows.

Another passenger boarding the plane was an unwelcome reminder: a convict. Flanked by two guards, the man stood sullenly by the gate, being searched one last time by airport security. The feeling of guilt was replaced by one of relief.

That could very well be me right now...

As she reached the front of the queue, Iro handed over her ticket. While the attendant got everything into order, Iro gazed out of the large window to her right. One final glance at the city she'd never had time to visit. One final goodbye to all the students and fellow teacher that she'd grown to call her family. One final, reluctant, goodbye to him.

She's affronted by the usual sensual assault of the inside of a plane, and she sets herself down in her allotted seat, putting her seatbelt on and preparing for the long flight. Her silent brooding was interrupted by a small, but pleasant voice, "Would you like a complimentary champagne?"

Iro turned to the woman, and smiled, "No, thank you. Not after the mistakes I've made." Unwillingly a smile played across her lips.

"Wake up in a strange bed?" The attendant laughed, before smiling and continuing down the aisle.

"Something like that..."" Iro murmurs as the plane readies for take off...
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