The New guy (Closed) (Introductory)

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The New guy (Closed) (Introductory)

Post by Kaim Matsura on Wed May 07, 2014 7:58 pm

SO...this is it. Outside was quiet and he didn't want to engage into conversation, so Kaim headed to his dorm. It was a nice day, but that didn't concern him. Why should he be? It's not like it will change anything. His face was neutral and ignored any passers-by, who did the same. Maybe they are used to seeing new people all the time? He noticed one person blind person, so he let them pass. No speech, no response. As they could not see his height or stature, he probably had no presence either.

When he got to his dorm he sighed. "Room...120. Well, its got my name plate on it." Note to self, administration here actually works

He opened the door, not bothering to close it. He dropped his bag on the floor and unpacked it. Druss the Legend by Gemmell, Brave New World by Huxley and TAROT by Anthony. He was sure the rest he would find at the library if he needed more.
His gym clothes went along with his others next to it but easy to reach. They were simply breathable sports clothing, nothing special.
The bag with his fire poi and a collapsed fire staff went to the side. One day I'll actually start using them again. One day.
Huh, to think I'd be back in a school. I'm sure my parents would be just delighted. If only I with...NO NEVERMIND I'LL GO DO SOMETHING

Kaim got changed swiftly to distract himself. He removed his Chinese shirt, revealing the scars littered across his body. He then put on gym t-shirt and tracksuit trousers and then put on his RAF greatcoat, a hand-me-down from a family friend of his parents in the UK. He then put a new bobble to tie up the back of the hair, one that could take a bit more of it without snapping.
He wanted to tour the gym to what there was. Ideally some weight training and a punching bag. Definitely a punching bag. He just hoped his fighting/ju-jitsu technique wasn't too rusty, since being in Japan he hasn't had a chance to practice at all except open air. Not that hitting air is gonna do anything...

He then left, closing the door behind him. Kaim naturally stepped lightly, so he wasn't well noticed.
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