Dr. Julius Schmidt

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Dr. Julius Schmidt

Post by Julius Schmidt on Sat Jun 28, 2014 6:15 am

NAME: Julius Sayid Schmidt

AGE: 34

OCCUPATION: Psychological Counselor

APPEARANCE: Of East European and North African descent. Medium-light complexion, hazel eyes; short, moderately curly dark hair; clean-shaven face. 188 cm (6'2"), 83 kg (183 lb). Muscular build, strong facial features. Dresses smartly, usually wearing suit and tie for his job, and shirt and khakis casually. Rarely seen in anything more casual except when working out. His favorite colors are gray, blue, and green. He usually wears a pair of titanium browline glasses with semi-round lenses.

Julius was born on 14 March 1988, in Dresden, Saxony, East Germany. His parents were Pyotr, a Soviet-German soldier, and Maryam, an Egyptian-German schoolteacher.

Following reunification on 3 October 1990, Pyotr retired from military service, deciding to stay in Dresden with Maryam and becoming a police officer for the unified Germany.

Julius and his older (by 4 years) brother Markus Karim grew up in a working-class neighborhood in Dresden. They were raised well by their parents and did well in their schoolwork, beginning with the elementary school at which Maryam taught. The boys learned some Russian and Arabic from thir parents, but for the most part had a thoroughly German upbringing.
Growing… Apart:
Sadly, they were often ridiculed by others over their half-Egyptian heritage, with racist and anti-Muslim slurs often directed at them (although Maryam's family was in fact Christian). As the boys got older, Markus was often dragged into fights to protect himself and Julius. In time, Julius also had to fight back. These fights eventually forced them to transfer to different schools multiple times, mostly for their own safety.

Pyotr became increasingly aggravated with the situation, feeling powerless to change it himself and angry at the boys for fighting so much. This put a great deal of tension on their relationship at home, ultimately driving them apart.

Markus moved out as soon as he completed high school in 2002, taking on a job and studying engineering at Dresden University of Technology. He cut off all contact with his parents, but Julius visited him often. Although Pyotr, being a police officer, could have easily found Markus, he chose not to.

Meanwhile, Julius began reading manga and watching anime, finding them a welcome escape from the troubles of his real life. He became enamored with Japanese culture, often fantasizing about leaving Germany and moving to Japan. A skilled linguist, he began learning Japanese in his ever-growing free time.

Julius graduated high school and Markus graduated university in the spring of 2006. By this time, Julius had also grown tired of living at home. He and Markus decided to enter the army together, leaving Dresden that summer.
Soldier Side:
Both Markus and Julius excelled in the army, adapting well to the rigorous and disciplined lifestyle. After 2 years of service, they were both selected for the KSK – the elite German special forces unit. Soon afterward, they were deployed to Afghanistan.

The sweet boy Julius once was had disappeared, replaced by a well-intentioned but hardened man.

Tragedy struck in 2010, when Markus's vehicle was wrecked by an IED.
The medics did their best, but there was no saving him.

Markus and Julius were immediately discharged with honor.
Julius felt immense guilt for what happened to Markus. After all, he had been the one who thought to join the army in the first place.

He couldn't bring himself to face his parents.

Julius returned to Germany and began university. He continued to struggle with the loss and guilt, only remaining sane thanks to the help of his psychological counselor.

Here, he realized his calling. His new purpose.
He would become a counselor, so that he could help others with their struggles as he had been helped.
Renewed Purpose:
Julius went on to graduate in 2014 with a B.S. in Psychology. He applied and was accepted to a graduate school in Sendai, where he moved that summer. There, he met Yumiko, a 22-year-old medical student specializing in pediatrics.

He began his studies in German, but became fully fluent in Japanese with time.

Julius completed his M.S. in 2016.
After a few years of dating, Julius and Yumiko married in 2018.
Julius continued to complete his Ph.D. in 2020.

Today, he is a licensed psychological counselor, working at Yamaku while training under senior psychologists in Sendai.

PERSONALITY: Julius is a kind and caring man, but hardened by his experiences. There are few things that will anger him, but he is a dangerous man to mess with indeed. Highly skilled in hand-to-hand and weapons combat, as well as psychology, he is a veritable walking Swiss German army knife.

He is not one to mince words. He will say exactly what he feels needs to be said, and he will stand by it. While some might find this aggravating, he does so to protect what he believes is right. In this, he is steadfast, and he aims never to break a promise, no matter how inconsequential.

He struggles with his own past as he seeks to build a better future.
Julius Schmidt

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Re: Dr. Julius Schmidt

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Re: Dr. Julius Schmidt

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Approved. 2/2.

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Re: Dr. Julius Schmidt

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