Toshiaki Endō [Update]

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Toshiaki Endō [Update]

Post by Toshiaki Endō on Thu Jul 03, 2014 10:06 pm

The original profile assumed the RP was currently in 2020.
This correction assumes 2022.
Some sections have been reworked for clarification.
Corrections and updates are in italic.

NAME: Toshiaki Endō (遠藤 寿聡 Endō Toshiaki) Often addressed as just Toshi (とし), as many people have trouble reading the 聡 "Aki" kanji due to its rarity. Fittingly, 聡 can also be read "Toshi," so the nickname stuck.

AGE: 15 (16 as of 7/7)

CLASS: Freshman

APPEARANCE: Toshi is of mixed Japanese and European ancestry. At 178 cm (5'10"), he is quite tall by Japanese standards, several cm taller than most adult men. Weighing 68 kg (150 lb), he is thin but muscular, due to years of thorough exercise. He has fair skin and striking deep blue eyes, along with sharp features and a strong chin. Due to his height, muscularity, and features, he appears very physically mature; most are surprised to discover that he is under 16. He wears his thick, straight, dark brown hair spiked up on top and cropped short on the sides. When not wearing his school uniform, he tends to dress in plain, practical clothes: usually jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket; but he dresses very sharply on more formal occasions. He prefers dark, muted colors, especially black, grey, and red.

BACKSTORY: Toshi was born 7 July 2006, in Tsu, Mie Prefecture. He is fluent in both Japanese and English, having grown up around his parents speaking both. Showing exceptional intelligence from a young age, Toshi has been in accelerated classes and academic clubs for years, often participating (and dominating) in academic competitions.

When Toshi was nine, his family was offered a full scholarship for him to study at an elite boarding school in Tōkyō, which his parents accepted after much deliberation. As Toshi was already far ahead of most of his class, the school decided to advance him a year. He began fifth grade at the boarding school in April 2016, allowing him to immerse himself in his studies with little distraction. He has accordingly become very self-reliant, and he is more than capable of taking care of himself. His yearning for knowledge extends to all subjects; as such, he has attained a good knowledge of many different fields, from quantum physics and neurobiology to world history and economic theory. He has also dedicated himself outside of his schoolwork, being quite proficient in playing guitar and practicing Shotokan Karatedo.

In 2018, Toshi's parents decided to move to Shizuoka to care for their elderly parents (Toshi's grandparents) and to be closer to Toshi's school. In August, having settled all affairs in Tsu, they moved to Shizuoka. Toshi, now 12, having just finished the first trimester of seventh grade, was with them over the late summer break.

It was a couple hours into the ride that tragedy struck.

Nobody on the train saw it coming. One moment all was well, and the next everything was hurtling sideways through the air.

It was reported around the world as the worst rail accident in decades. Dozens died. Over a hundred more were injured.

Toshi had 28 fractures throughout his body. 3 lumbar vertebrae were completely shattered, and his spinal cord was almost completely severed. 4 separate surgeries were necessary to rebuild his lower spine, securing what was left of the lumbar vertebrae with a titanium brace and repairing his spinal cord with a bioelectronic implant. The scars from the operations slowly faded like those from the wreck, melding into a scarlet web across his back.

Toshi was awoken from his medically induced coma 33 days after the accident.

He never saw his parents' funeral.

Toshi never knew his maternal grandmother, who had died of cancer years earlier. His maternal grandfather passed soon after the accident, the grief of losing his daughter and son-in-law, along with his ailing health, too much to bear.

In the span of six weeks – no, to Toshi it was the span of a single week – he lost his parents and his grandfather.

A few days after regaining consciousness, the doctors placed Toshi on an intensive physical therapy regimen. Although he was making good progress, the atrophy he suffered while confined to his bed was considerably worse than expected, concerning his doctors.

Genetic testing confirmed late-onset Becker-type muscular dystrophy.

Atop all else he had suffered, Toshi was terminally ill. Despite advances in genetic medicine in the mid-2010's, BMD, like its more severe counterpart DMD, remained incurable.

He knew that he was unlikely to see the age of fifty. If that.

All he had was ripped away from him, one thing after another.

The stages of grief came and went.


After six months of PT, he was eventually able to walk again.


Three more months and he was somewhat able to run and jump. The flexibility in his lower back, however, could never be restored.


Toshi locked his past away, relegating it to a dark corner in the back of his mind. No longer would he torture himself with haunting memories. No longer would he suffer that pain time and time again.

In the summer of 2019, the doctors finally cleared Toshi to leave the rehabilitation clinic. He was to continue his medication and exercise regimen. On his thirteenth birthday, he resumed seventh grade at his boarding school, falling back into the remains of what was once his normal life.

Those he had known looked at him differently when he returned. Of course, they had heard of the accident and figured out that Toshi had been involved. He was surrounded at all times by surreptitious whispers and unwelcome stares, observing him as if he were… defective in some way.

Toshi learned to ignore them.

He grew apart from many he had once considered friends. Only a handful remained close, those who knew better than to let the accident change their perception of him. But even they noticed the distance Toshi had created around himself.

His life became a routine. Straightforward. Mechanical.

Wake. Medicine. Eat. Work. Exercise. Medicine. Sleep.

It was an empty satisfaction, a hollow acceptance, that came over him. But emptiness was better than pain.

In the spring of 2021, most of Toshi's few remaining friends graduated. Having lost a year following the accident, he still had a year remaining.

The disease progressed as the years passed. While the effects on his everyday life were still minor, the possibility of major complications would only increase with time. Thus, his doctors decided it would be best for Toshi to transfer to a high school better able to serve his needs. Toshi agreed, by this time feeling little attachment to his old school.

His application to Yamaku Academy was quickly accepted.

This spring (2022), Toshi graduated as the valedictorian of his ninth grade class, having maintained perfect straight A's despite his year absent.

For the past few years, Toshi has been living with his paternal grandparents in Shizuoka when not away at boarding school. Having just completed middle school, he is now beginning high school at Yamaku Academy.

The reason Toshi is attending Yamaku is as of yet unclear to the other students, as he appears to have no visible issues, and he does not discuss his past or his condition. The only people that know more about either, besides the administrators and medical staff at Yamaku, are a few very close friends who have known him for years.

PERSONALITY: Quiet and aloof, many first perceive Toshi as cold and unfriendly. In truth, he simply prefers to not waste words, saying only what he feels necessary as clearly as possible. When he does speak, he does so with a surety and lucidity that escape most people. He is unshakeable in his thoughts, words, and actions; if he is ever unsure, he gathers the information he needs to decide as quickly as possible. Despite growing up in Tsu, he does not normally speak with a Kansai accent – preferring the more standard Tokyo style – although he can do so if he wishes.

Years of diligent study have made Toshi knowledgeable in many fields, and he will gladly offer explanation of a situation to those needing it. His passion for knowledge is made clear by his enthusiasm in teaching as well as learning. He is very methodical and logical, eschewing superstition or tradition where he finds them counterproductive. This sometimes leads him into conflict with others, but he is not bothered by it. There are few things that anger him, but those that do will do so quickly. He is as serious and straightforward in condemnation as in praise.

Toshi's matter-of-factness is reflected in the rest of his personality. He wastes no time in his studies, completing his assignments as early and quickly as possible. While this impresses his teachers, he does so more to preserve his own free time. He spends a good portion of this time either working out, practicing karate, or playing guitar. He also appreciates literature and art, often traveling to the libraries and museums in Sendai.

Toshi chooses his friends carefully, opening himself only to those he feels he can trust. In return, he is himself exceptionally loyal. He will go to great lengths to support and defend his friends, and he makes a point of always keeping his promises. While he may not have very many friends, those he does have are good friends indeed.

All in all, Toshi is highly determined and self-driven, stopping at nothing to better himself and achieve his goals.
Toshiaki Endō

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Re: Toshiaki Endō [Update]

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Re: Toshiaki Endō [Update]

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Approved. (Re)Congratulations, begins RP'ing etc etc

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Re: Toshiaki Endō [Update]

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