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[OPEN] 3654

Post by Toshiaki Endō on Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:16 pm

Toshiaki awoke from his restless slumber as the first rays of sunlight came through the windows.
"2036-05-27 / 3654:05:48:36," the chronometer on his HUD read.
He stood up and stretched as the events of the day before replayed themselves in his mind.

The Sentinels. The mutants. The first war.
Zero day. "C-Day," they call it.
The cyborgs. The resistance. The second war.

Masuda. Veach. Wilson. Hawke. Kinai. Hashimoto.

The fight. The escape.


Will any of it make any difference?

He sighed, unsure of the answer.

He pushed the pile of mechanical parts at his feet off to a corner and covered them with a tarp.
Just in case I need any more later.

He viewed the reflection of his rebuilt suit in the chrome surface of a hubcap leaned against the wall.
Last night was good.
He expanded his metallic wings, the sections smoothly gliding past each other.
Very good.
Between the wings and the gaunt silhouette of the slimmed-down chassis, his new appearance was striking.
I wonder… angel, or demon?

He turned, opened the rolling door of the garage bay, walked out into the light of dawn, then closed the door behind him.
No more microdrones, UAV, or motorcycle… but I don't think I'll need to rely on them now.
Let's go greet the others.

He started walking back towards the store when he caught something out of the corner of his eye.
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