[OPEN] The New Guy... Looking for Cake.

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[OPEN] The New Guy... Looking for Cake. Empty [OPEN] The New Guy... Looking for Cake.

Post by Ryuu Ishitawa on Sun Aug 24, 2014 7:43 am

Following the map on his tablet, blindly as most would say, he seemed to reach his destination well, making a mental note of all the landmarks he could see around him.

Okay, that small-ish tea shop should be around here, shouldn't it?

He looked at the small blip that represented his position, then looked up, trying to read all the signs facing him. One caught his eye.

The Shanghai? Why does that sound authentically Chinese to me?

He chuckled silently before turning his map off and walked towards it's door. Walking in, he looked around and found an open table near to the front window. He sat down and placed his order for a cup of milk tea and a slice of cheesecake. He sat there, thinking to himself, more or less, playing a random guitar tune in his head, smiling away at how awesome he would sound if he played it with the Sunburst. Getting a notification from his kik messenger, he opened it to see that Ayane had sent him a message.

How're you settling in over there? Also, Grammy says hi and that you're funds have been transferred over to your personal account, the one made for the Academy, not the one with your music funds on it. Don't suck so hard, Ishy-kun!

More surprised at Ayane using his "pet" name, he then turned that from a surprised look to a grin.

She really knows what strings to pull to get an annoyed reaction out of me, but not this time, Ayane! You hear me?!

Tapping away, he replied to the message before having his order set before him, thanking the waitress, he took a sip of tea before looking back at the message he wrote down.

Oi, you kendo-chick! It's just my second day here, so I had classes. Thank Grandma for me. I'll go over to the city once I make a few friends to get my supplies in a few day, I think. And the one person who knows I rock would be you. Keep those sword skills sharp. Later~
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