[Solo, Private, Retroactive] Somnolence

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[Solo, Private, Retroactive] Somnolence

Post by Izumi Inaba on Sun Nov 23, 2014 3:49 pm

What was the estimate now? What time was it? At least I can turn those damned lights off now. 24 Haskaps remain in the bag, I could eat those since she didn't take them. Don't they turn off the lights in the hallway by now? A breeze? From whence this cold wind comes? So, it begins, the loudness of the thoughts come to deafen me again.

To say there were a multitude of thoughts crowding Izumi's mind right now was ignoring the crowd forming outside, taking tickets awaiting their audience with Izumi. There was the matter of the child and finding suitable parents. He did a great job at withdrawing himself so that he hardly even knew his teachers much less any other adults in the town. He turned over on his side attempting to shrug that off. It wasn't as if he didn't want to be around anyone rather that to be found required more seeking than he was worth. Vice versa as by what piecemeal information he'd been fed the scraps of led him to believe, his interests were several degrees of abstraction than the others and spoke much more than their attentions had wells to hold.

He wondered about all those notes he thought he kept in memory but couldn't reach for. Another thought, something about his current grades or the other notes he was supposed to be keeping kept appearing and reappearing. Questions about his father, some more about his mother, a few about the scout team and what became of them all passed through his mind's eye like slides off a film roll. Memories came in all shapes and colors, clashing with the dark contrasts of his room under the veil of night. Izumi came to finally understand why he disliked those lanterns.  It wasn't the disruption of now-late-onset melatonin that gave him so much trouble. Whereas that was the root cause of him staring blankly at the wall still awake, that wasn't so bad to him compared to those mocking tanabata lights. He was in the hospital the first day of tanabata after the accident. The room he was in was filled with similar lights which he then could see much more of through his peripherals. A rather obnoxious light, one double-decker lantern was right above his bed. He couldn't reach across his sore body to reach the light controls and he didn't know whether anyone else was bothered by the glare. Ten times he tried to call the nurse over through the intercom to shut off the light but no one seemed to respond and he wasn't visited for his update until morning.

What happened that night was happening this night. It was him, and his thoughts and undying wakefulness between all the insomnia and somnolence.

I wonder if the other students find it weird my parents haven't even called me once. Who even is my roommate, I've hardly ever seen them around, granted, I am hardly here to begin with. The clock was just in my line of... where did... 10 PM! I am still... Haskaps have sugar don't they, I suppose it wouldn't make sense to eat them while I am trying to sleep. The lack of light makes everything in its image, black even though the walls are beige, the curtains blue, the shelf oak and the night-table mahogany. I am so unbelievably stiff right now.

A yawn escaped and was brushed aside by the incoming breeze as Izumi pondered whether to close the window. He'd have to move to do that and possibly set himself back hours in his attempt to sleep. He stared listlessly at the wall with embers of intensity, wanting so much just to blink and meet with morning. Time passed not being aware of its passing. A haze permeated the air as he started to breathe visible vapors which condensed on the dark wall. Slumber was missing and the hollows echoed whispers as the winds cut through with currents of waves.
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