That Guy Doesn't Talk Much [OPEN]

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That Guy Doesn't Talk Much [OPEN]

Post by Ian Akimoto on Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:20 am

(Just sort of an introduction for Ian. Thought I'd try that instead of just popping in out of nowhere)

He sat near the back of the class, the second row from the back. All the way at the left hand-side. His head was bowed, looking down at the classwork in front of him. He would halfheartedly look over the questions, before looking up at the clock. "I should probably get this done.... Class is about half over already."

He raised the pencil, and took the first step by writing his name up at the top of the paper. Before he could even get through with that though, his breath caught in his throat. His body tensed, and the added pressure on his pencil caused the lead to snap. Dropping the pencil onto his desk, his hand then shot up. He kept his head down as before, though he tilted his head up just slightly to see the teacher give a small nod.

With that, he got up quickly and headed out of the classroom. Pacing down the hallway, his hand went into his pants pocket. Fingers would curl around the inhaler, the smooth plastic of the apparatus and the cool metal of the medicine compartment. Heading into the bathroom at the end of the hall, he then went into the last stall. Only then did he take a small puff from the inhaler. Only then could he actually breath.

You might be wondering, why not just use it in class? In a school for students with special needs, just an inhaler would be entirely normal. It would be normal for even a regular school. But it wasn't the inhaler that bothered him, but the noise that came after. Even with just a small breath of his medicine, Ian would hold himself steady as his back arched, and he started to cough violently.

Just the slightest disturbance could send his lungs into a tizzy, be it smoke, pollen, or even his medicine. He clutched his chest softly, as his breaths became soft wheezes, before taking another breath from his inhaler. Again, he would cough. And again he winced at the new pain in his lungs.... Two more times, and the pressure in his lungs would finally seem to stop. Leaning against the plastic walls of the bathroom stall, he spent another minute trying to steady his ragged gasps.

This was an everyday thing for him. He wouldn't leave class everyday. Sometimes, it would happen on the way to class, or afterwards. During lunch, or after classes had ended. The worst was when it happened while he was sleeping. Scrambling in the dark towards a pile of clothes, because he'd carelessly left it in his pocket.

Heading out from the stall, he went to the sink and carefully splashed cool water onto his face. His cheeks were flushed, very noticeable on his pale flesh. Some nights, when the episodes were bad, his eyes would almost seem bloodshot. Thankfully, he hadn't broken a blood vessel this times. Patting his face dry, Ian sighed, left the bathroom.
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