Old Games, Music of Nostalgia, And Shouting Trash Talk

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Old Games, Music of Nostalgia, And Shouting Trash Talk

Post by Satoshi Veach on Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:38 am

My room is a huge ruckus whenever I have one of these moments of 'me time.'

Me time consists of childhood video games and nostalgic music while sometimes shouting at the game in all three of my known languages.

This particular time I am listening to 'RedvsBlue' and playing a game titled Halo Reach while over-using a hologram to fake out people and stab them in the back. That moment of outsmarting someone else is the sole reason I still play this game which so few play after all these years.

Every time my plans and plots seem to be going correctly you may hear,*Japanese* "Yeahyeah-take that bate take that bate!" *English* "Y'gon' get it! Y'done GOOFED!"

Every time my plan is executed (Usually with a knife sticking neatly out of their helmet) you may hear the sweet, pleasant sound of,*English* "YA GOIN' T' JAIL NAH!" *German* "LIKE A BITCH! IN THE FACE!! RIGHT IN THE BITCH SPOT!"

Trash talk knows but one language. It's called trash talk and no 'kill you in the face' moment is complete without it.

...Though it probably could be completed without the loudness of the multicultural speech. After all, I may be disturbing someone everyone on Earth and this plane of existence.
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