Wow... I may actually find my place here.

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Wow... I may actually find my place here.

Post by Christopher Cook on Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:52 am

(Christopher, after a somewhat eventful day at school, sits alone for the third time in the park surrounding Yamaku Academy. He thinks back on all of the colorful people he's met so far.) {Let's see: I first met Asterisk, and then I met Setsuna not long after that. Asterisk seems like a bright enough young man, but something didn't sit well with me upon meeting Setsuna... Nagisa, and then Satoshi. Nagisa... And then Takahashi. And that plucky girl Yuri-chan...} (Christopher desperately tries to produce traits that he's examined in some of the people he's met since starting school, unable to completely rid his memory of the beautiful grey-haired girl Nagisa.) {Um... Satoshi is certainly a spirited youth, and Takahashi seemed to enjoy my poetic tangents. (Christopher stares at a pond mirroring the starry night sky, a sight that only further instills thoughts of Nagisa's otherworldly beauty and elegance.) {Dammit! Why can't I keep these impure thoughts out of my head!? I've never "been in love" before!} (Christopher begins to violently shake his head.)
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