... At least this place is warm.

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... At least this place is warm.

Post by Christopher Cook on Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:51 am

(Christopher, who is visibly exhausted, wanders into his usual place of both mental and physical recuperation. He wanders around the park in search of and isolated and warm place to rest for the night, not forgetting about the blood still pouring from his injured hand. He finds a childrens playground, and makes his way to the top. There, he removes his hoodie to use as a blanket, and then lies down on his hoodie. He takes a stick that he grabbed previously and uses it, along with a piece of cloth he tore from his hoodie, to make a tourniquet to cauterize his extensive wound. He then lies on his back and closes his eyes shortly before falling asleep. He dreams that night of being back "home" with his loving mother and abusive father, leading to him fantasizing about killing his father in hopes that he'll become some kind of savior.)
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