For Those Situations

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For Those Situations

Post by Satoshi Veach on Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:28 pm

I'm so embarrassed!

I can't let something like that happen again. Letting someone get the better of me like that back there in the school courtyard.

I don't care if he was bigger than me and behind me, I still should be able to break out of anyone's grip. If I can't then what if I were in a situation that may have worse conciquences?

I'm walking back from a hardware store to my dorm. In my hand is a bag filled with two drawer slides, two packs of springs, a pack of binder clips, a dremel kit, two flexible wrist bands, and a power drill.

I'm not making weapons, but tools to improve my versatility. I need that to compensate for my size.

I sit down in my room at a desk and get to work.

(I don't feel like going into detail) I take the drawer slides apart, drill some holes, place some screws, put them back together and bend the tips to make them rounded and unable to break any skin after placing a clip on each one. After which, I take two pieces of thread and tie each to the different clips and two metal rings then attatch them to the wrist bands.

All of this finished, I now have infront of me two nonlethal variants of weapons I saw in a game my brother used to play. I was never a huge fan of it but I was intrigued by the unique weaponry the heroine used.

Now if something comes up where I need to defend myself or others, I can use these for everything from a shove that I'm too close to perform with just myself to extra protection with blocking and any other use that might come up. Except hitting, these would be fairly useless with that.

I strap one above my wrist unlike the way the game character did. It may feel less natural to use like this but it is a more versatile and adaptable to situations.

*Knock knock*

Crap I was getting into this too! I better go check the door.

The ring is slipped off but one of the contraptions is still on my arm under my shirt sleeve.

Opening the door with an,"Uh, hello?"
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