New Addition To An Ancient Fighting Style Long Since Abandoned

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New Addition To An Ancient Fighting Style Long Since Abandoned

Post by Satoshi Veach on Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:12 am

Entering the gym, I still think of how I never got to test my new contraptions. How I never got to see if I naturally incorporate them into my fighting style.

They may feel unnatural when unsheathing or sheathing them but, if my hypothesis is correct, that should not affect me much.

At least not enough to keep me from using these naturally.

Staring down the gymnasium's punching bag like and old friend I take my normal unarmed fighting stance.

Keep your frontal coverage area as thin as possible. Make for a smaller target.

One arm ready to block high, one to block low.

Legs spread but relaxed for balance.

back not straight but kept in a way to enable quick and easy dodging.

Now start!

I lunge. In an unusual way, though.

As a defensive fighter, throwing an average punch or blow against a guarded opponent breaks my first rule of engagement.

My left forearm instead of fist connects. A thin metal bar extends from my sleeve when my wrist bends back. With the help of the momentum generated in the bag with my bash, I extend my arm, sliding the dull extension against the bag before finishing the movement with my right fist.

The bag spells the results of my hypothesis back to me with it's movements.


My trademark grin appears once again on it's home area as I continue to break in my new additions.
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