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Onii-chan of mystery

Post by Satoshi Veach on Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:28 am

Walking through the park I'm listening to some music in one ear piece while the other hangs freely down.

I'm in an unusually good mood today (happens every so often. Usually 1-4 times per two weeks) and the song is rather up beat. The end of 'The Lover.'

To make my day a little more interesting I decide I'm going to start a conversation in an awkward way and see how well I can make it go with my better manners after my weird initiation tactic.

Rumors? I don't care about any rumors told about me. I've had them plenty of times before at my old school.

So as I'm singing the song a little quietly I decide to encorperate it into my evil plan for good.

Doing something like this reminds me of something my second eldest brother would do.

I think nothing of it and start my run. Out of my prereferral vision I can see a body sitting on a near-bye bench. I don't know if it's someone I know or not but I think it's female.


I've always been the type to play little (harmless in nature) pranks on people for a reaction and it can get pretty interestingly funny some times.

Here goes.

My voice starts to raise in volume. At the end I am clearly audible.

"OOooOOoooh I'll never let you daaaooown. I'll never let you DAAooown. I'll never let you DAaaAAAaaoown..."

My head swings to my immediate left directly at the person.

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