Character Profile (Template)

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Character Profile (Template)

Post by Raiden on Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:59 am

Please copy and paste the following when creating your character. Make sure to delete the explanations and replace them with your own info! Another reminder - please make a new account bearing your character's name when submitting your application, and later use just that when roleplaying that particular character! Thank you!

[b]NAME:[/b] Just their full name, complete with their nickname if they have one
[b]AGE:[/b] Students need to be between 15 and 19 years old. Other characters can be as old as you want
[b]CLASS:[/b] Are they freshmen, juniors or seniors? No need to specify their exact class number at this point
[b]APPEARANCE:[/b] What do they look like? Hairstyle and color, eye color, body build? How are they usually dressed (aside from their school uniform, if they have one)? Just put as many details as you can, but don't force it.
[b]BACKSTORY:[/b] What has the character been up to before they came here? No need to write an overly complicated backstory, but keep in mind that bringing important stuff from their past up in an RP is not allowed unless that stuff is referenced here too!
[b]PERSONALITY:[/b] So, what do they act like? When they're with friends? How about with strangers? What are they really like?

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