Drummer Boy On A Crazy Train

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Drummer Boy On A Crazy Train

Post by Satoshi Veach on Sun Mar 17, 2013 6:52 pm

I'm sitting in the band club room for my lunch hour.

I've already eaten and I'm sitting at the drum set.

After clicking the mouse on my laptop, a count off can be heard from it before the beginning of a marching band-style deep brass rendition of crazy train can be heard.

As it begins so do I, playing a crossed style to fit the instruments on the drum line's style into my playing.

The normal snare drum is also replaced with a severely lowered marching snare.

I'm also using traditional stick grip which is unlike me.

[Note: the Hs on the hi-hat part seem to take up more space. An apostrophe after a letter also means eighth notes and I guess the letters themselves mean a sixteenth note. A carat after a letter means it's a quarter note. An R on the snare means a hit on the outer edge of the drum head which creates a crack noise like a mix between snare and rim. Colons are marks where repeat symbols revert back to and repeat symbols are percentage signs. I'm doing my best to make this from my mind work into your's! Razz]

(1st ending)
(Revert to colon for repeat then go to second ending)
(2nd ending) [Last two hi-hat hits are with a drum stick instead of using the pedal)

After my work on Crazy Train is complete I feel quite proud of how bad ass I can make it sound even if it was only a little short of a run through. All I wanted to do was the beginning.

Get at me, bitch! YEAH!

I begin to hack on the snare for no reason other than I'm just excited when I see a figure standing in the door way.
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