Character Profile - Eric Grimm

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Character Profile - Eric Grimm

Post by Eric Grimm on Mon May 06, 2013 3:16 am

NAME: Eric Grimm

AGE: 18

CLASS: Senior

APPEARANCE: Eric stands at a formidable 6'5". He has no eye colour, his pupils seemingly take up the whole iris too, which give him quite a menacing look. He is a frail boy, with little muscle tone on his whole body, giving him an emaciated look. He has electric-blue hair. He usually wears a coat which buttons straight up to his neck, which hides extensive scarring and tallying scarred into his body. (Think Victor Zsasz)

BACKSTORY: Eric and his mother lived in a trailer park in the south of America, and his mum was the typical "white trash". Her life had spiralled out of control after Eric's father died, who was a fairly successful banker. He had died of an underlying heart condition which had never been discovered, and had had a heart attack during an argument with his wife. Eric's mother blamed herself for his death, and fell apart after that, turning to drink, drugs and various "uncles" that were always around Eric's trailer late into the night when he was a child. His mum would regularly beat him as a child, and his nights were often spent in his room watching creepy horror films or listening to Horrorbilly bands. His mum had told him that the beatings were normal, and that every family did it, but technically it was illegal. The exact words she said were "It's kinda like speeding, everyone does it but no one admits it." The booze-fuelled rages often left Eric scarred, and soon the scars he earned from his mother evolved into scars he created himself. The pain was an escape for him, and it was the only constant thing he'd known his whole life: pain.

As Eric grew up, he became interested in the occult, and particularly interested in Necromancy. The idea of communicating with the dead fascinated him, beyond the point of sanity. He had often been found in far-flung corners of the trailer park with a dead cat's corpse, within a pentagram and muttering strange incantations. His erratic behaviour only angered his mother more, who would punish him. Severely. This didn't stop him though, and Eric spent more and more time on the darker places of the internet, researching and talking to other enthusiasts. He built up quite a large online presence, and his experiments grew more elaborate, and surprisingly successful. He can boast of raising several animals from the dead and summoning more than one spirit from the ethereal realms. This dark magic came at a price though, his own blood was needed to sustain the rituals, and every time he became more and more frail. But he couldn't stop. His obsession became an addiction, and soon he dropped out of school to pursue a life of Necromancy, much to his mother's annoyance, who knew nothing of his practice and thought he was just a "messed up little shit who'll never amount to nothing."

One night when Eric was fifteen, after another booze-fuelled beating, Eric left his mother, stealing the savings she hid behind the radiator (which was a surprisingly large amount seeing as Eric survived on Pop Tarts and Root Beer). She woke as he was leaving the house, and began to cry when she realised he was leaving her. No amount of apologies or tears could make up for the terrible childhood Eric had had, and he told her exactly that. Walking off into the night, Eric was joined by one of his slightly-decaying cats and disappeared into the gloom.

The years between leaving his mother and his enrolment at Yamaku, Eric fleshed out a new identity for himself. He changed his name, his whole life he'd been known as Elodien Vasburg, but no longer. He changed it to Eric Grimm, which was the name he had posted under while online in his earlier years. His cat, Lenin, was still with him, but the blood sacrifices he had to make to keep it alive were taking their toll. He was a shadow of his former self, pale as milk with dark rings under his eyes. The only way to counteract his degradation was to absorb the life-force of another being, by drinking their blood. While giving life gave Eric grimm satisfaction [u c whut I did there?] taking a life was a very touchy area for him. He was only alive still because of several unlucky homeless people and a fair share of criminals, but it didn't sit well with Eric. Each death earned him a new tally on his body, and he remembered every single kill. It was only a last ditch effort, and he didn't do it often. He travelled the country, earning money by using his powers in the dead of night to small crowds. He would perform a couple of nights in each stop then move onto the next place, but he stayed in New York a whole Summer.

Eventually Eric found himself in Japan, and was living in the apartments that had killed the Hikaris. Luckily Eric had been "making" a new friend for Lenin at the time, but when he returned the stress of the situation and the effect of his rituals took their toll, and he passed out in front of the smouldering building.

He woke up in the hospital after a blood transfusion (which actually worked just as well as drinking blood), and was informed by the doctors that he had a "unknown degenerative condition" and would need close monitoring, so he was being enrolled at the nearby school, Yamaku high. He didn't argue, because that had never ended well for him. He resigned himself to the new life, and looked upon it as a new chapter in his life.

PERSONALITY: Eric is a fairly sullen kid, and doesn't make friends easily. Trust is an alien concept to him, except when it comes to his cat, which can usually be seen skulking around wherever Eric goes. His childhood has given him a scarred mentality and he is "the weird kid" wherever he goes. He doesn't let this get him down though, as he is very much a lone wolf.
The few people Eric has gotten close to, namely a girl he met on the streets of New York, learnt that inside Eric was the same as everyone else, he had worries, fears, hopes, loves, and a secret fondness to oreos.
Eric Grimm

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Re: Character Profile - Eric Grimm

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Like always, unless anyone has something to add, I don't see any immediate problems.

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Re: Character Profile - Eric Grimm

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man it feels good to be in this spot Cool


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Re: Character Profile - Eric Grimm

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