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Tagging Threads

Post by Raiden on Mon May 06, 2013 9:00 am

Okay, I've been noticing this nasty habit recently of people forgetting (or downright not bothering) to tag their threads. This has to stop, as it's confusing for everybody. It's not hard to put a single word in the title of your thread when you're making it. Allow me to remind you of the tags:

[OPEN] - Anyone is free to join - stranger, friend or foe
[PRIVATE] - Only people you have invited are allowed to post
[CLOSED] - No one but you is allowed to post

That's it. Just put the tag before or after the name of your thread (preferably before, so that it's easily visible). For example: [CLOSED] Tagging Threads. Simple as that. You need to put a tag on every new RP topic, excluding anything posted on Deadbook (those are all open by default). From now on, every new thread without a tag will be locked. Remember - it's just one word, but it saves lives! Or at least makes joining threads slightly more convenient.

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