[Open] After Party

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[Open] After Party

Post by Satoshi Veach on Sat May 11, 2013 4:12 pm

With the dance over and everyone exiting to either sleep the night and approaching day away or setting sail for an after party, Kuriko and I decide that now is a good time to send out the message on Deadbook.


"There, it's sent."

A small 'woo!' comes out of a passerby as we get our first guest and he didn't even need to see the Deadbook announcement.

'Hey, I noticed your guitar and..box drum..thing-anyway, are you guys going to perform or something?'

"Yeah, brother, we just sent out a call to make an after party."

"Told them to bring any acoustic instruments they own."

"Where your standing now is were we said to come for it."

'Cool, I was hoping to go to one anyway. I'm in no way tired enough to sleep just yet.'

We had set up just outside the dorms in the same spot I had my last bonfire get-together at. Same stuff too, except for any noms.

So far we have a bucket-on-stake drumset, my cajon, and Kuriko's guitar.
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