[Open] Worst place to sleep

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[Open] Worst place to sleep

Post by Gurasu Takezo on Sun May 19, 2013 1:55 am

*Takezo is sitting on a bench in the courtyard, with his headphones in his ears*

Shit, it's getting late... Maybe I should call it a day and just get back to the dorm already...

*He tries standing up, but all of a sudden his head feels light, and his eyes start closing*

What the... Narcolepsy attack... Here?!? Ah, damn it... Well, hopefully someone will wake me up soon...

*With that, Gurasu lies down on the bench and closes his eyes, quickly falling asleep*
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Re: [Open] Worst place to sleep

Post by Eric Grimm on Sun May 19, 2013 2:15 am

Creeping into his dorm, Eric takes a shower to rid himself of the essence of the forest and the bloodstains from the corpse he was handling.

I need to further my research... If I can take the power directly from the body, combine it with my own... a few extra ingredients..

He leaves his shower and heads over to his desk. In his bag he had a vast array of tinctures and roots. Various organs, herbs, bark of several trees, an eye or two.
He brings out a large leather book, and studies the section on using blood as a power source, while cross-referencing it with the section on potion brewing and alchemy.

"Lenin, I think I have it. Combining the effects of Willow bark and a few... Yes. I think this could work."

He pounds the bark into a paste, and adds a liberal amount of various roots and leaves. Finally he adds a drop of his own blood. The mixture forms a sticky brown sludge.

"We need some more blood. The combination of two people's blood should have some... interesting effects."

He takes his bag, and leaves the room. Once outside into the courtyard, he sits and waits, pondering on how he was going to find a suitable victim. It's at this point he notices a figure collapsing on the other side of the courtyard.

"Well, that was lucky, wasn't it?" He says, scratching Lenin behind the ear.

Nonchalantly, he wonders over to the sleeping boy. "Whoopsy-daisy..." He says, giving the guy a fireman's lift. Once in his dorm... The real fun started.

Something had snapped inside Eric the day he failed to create his own minion in the forest, and nothing was going to stop him. Gurasu didn't scream much when Eric bashed his face in with an ink-well, but how can you with no teeth and a hand wrapped around your throat?

It didn't take long, but soon Eric had the complete mixture. He'd drained all of the blood from the poor boy, but he wasn't going to need it.

"It's all for the greater good, right Lenin?" He says with a grin, which quickly evolves into laughter. Manic, crazy, unhinged laughter.

Taking a hypodermic needle, Eric injects it into him elbow, and boy did it feel good. A burning sensation in his veins spread slowly out, and coursed through the rest of his body. He felt alive again. He began chanting the familiar words, and soon he had a Gurasu of his own.

"I'll call you... Putin." Eric isn't the most original of people.

He takes a step to admire the swaying labour of love.

"Now, would you kind-" *Slop*. Gurasu fell apart. "Ah. Ok, maybe I cut you up a little TOO much..." He said to the quivering mass on the floor. "Balls..."

He snaps his fingers, "Maybe... just maybe that corpse in the forest..." Releasing the spell on Gurasu, Eric takes flight to the Forest after locking the door to his room.
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