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Mai Nakamura

Post by Mai Nakamura on Fri May 31, 2013 9:28 am

NAME: Mai Nakamura


CLASS: Junior

: Mai is 1.77 meters tall, with shoulder length hair in pigtails.
Usually she wears her school uniform, outside the School she prefers to wear Shirts with really long sleeves. Those Shirts are usually way above her Size, she does that not only to hide her Wings,but also because she feels really comfortable in them. Her Pants are usually rather Short, yet not revealing too much nude skin. She hides her wings folded in around her stomach. Her wings are small, and not as majestic as those of older Succubi.

She weights around 55 kilograms, which is a normal weight for Girls in her Age. She has an D Size Bust. Her figure is rather athletic, she maybe does not have muscles but the weight she carries is well spread.


In her early days she spend a lot of her time with her family, especially her Mother. Her Mother is over 1500 Years old. A Succubus dies when She is not getting enough sexual energy, because if she stops getting her sexual energy, she starts aging at an accelerated rate, which would usually take a whole month to start this process. Five days after the process begins, a Succubi could inherently die from becoming morbidly decrepit.

However, even if that is the case, her mother is still considered „Young“. Her Grandmother on the other side being nearly 3.000 Years old,which is considered „Very Old“ since most succubi do not want to live for longer than 2.000 Years due all the things they have experienced in their Lifespan.

A Succubi's wings grow as they get older. Their long lifespan means the rate in which the wings grow is very slow. For instance, a 2,000 year old Succubus only has wings that span around 250 centimeters. However all one needs to fly is to have them reach around 150 centimeters. Currently, Mai's wings only span 90 centimeters. It would approximately take another 25 years before she could even think about flying. In a succubus's developmental phase these wings grow at a much faster rate. Once they are fit to fly however, they no longer grow at the this same rate. Once fit to fly, they only tend to get larger a couple of centimeter's every century.

The goal of all succubi is to travel to different Dimensions to find their one "True Love", which is the only male that can actually impregnate them when they "give" them their "Succubus Kiss". The Succubus's Kiss is basically magic, the Succubus forces the guy/girl they have chosen in an out of body experience where he/she is getting all the information and is allowed to choose. This costs the succubus a lot of her power, she can only create it once in her lifetime because it takes away a part of herself. Even if it is just mental. Since the Succubus knows how much she really loves someone , she will not be able to ever create it again because her mentally just wouldn't do it.

Obviously, an Succubus still needs her Sexual energy no matter what, a Succubus clearly defines between her true love, which is a nearly unique and one time matter, and between her Lifestock, which is basically every single Human. That being said, only because a Succubus needs to have a lot of sex with either gender, that does not mean she does not know what Friendship is. As a matter of fact, a Succubus can define Friendship .Not a lot of Succubi are desperate enough to just take anyone and abuse them to still their thirst, but if they do so, they are far wilder and less careful to a point where they are outright dangerous. A Succubus can also kill someone while they are having sex, by draining out every last bit of their partners energy, this works with the curses the Succubus can cast. However, its a despicable act, and most succubi do not even think about it, unless it has a really good reason, in which case, no one will think any less of her.

Even if a Succubus seems like someone who is seducing as many men as possible,there is no heart more truthful as that of one. If a Succubus talks about her personal feelings,she cannot lie about it due her extreme need to belong to someone for just more than her body. One last thing, the need for Sexual Energy is developed around the age of 16, before that,a Succubus can fully live without any Sexual Energy. However,after, or shortly thereafter, it becomes a need and any Succubus would die if they do not have Sex on a regular basis.

Back to Mai,
Mai really lived a nice life in her dimension with her parents. However, as she grew older, she decided to visit the Human World. Besides her always growing sexual desire, she also wanted to get a change of place. She was able to enter the human world by casting a spell, which allowed her to create an passage between both worlds for a minute.

A little side note: All the spells a usual Succubus has, like the drain curses for people that deserve to die, or the passage spell, are all spells the succubi have, they have no active offensive spells nor can focus their curses against anyone, except those they have sex with.

She has gone to several different schools all around Japan, usually often switching classes, not because she had a bad reputation there, but really because she had wanted to meet as many people as possible.

Her school life was like that of most teenage girls, going to malls, hanging out with friends and texting away in class. Academically, she preformed well enough but not perfect, she was particularly moody in classes and had a strong hate towards physics and chemistry, partly because she couldn't understand it. As she reached the age of 16 she started truly exhibiting signs of who she really was, she had consistent partners which she chose from a pool of good friends who were considered romantic.

The reason behind this was simple, she wanted to keep her being a Succubus a secret. She blindfolded her partners and said that this is a favorite fetish of her's as it is very romantic. Most of her partners never questioned why exactly. As such, her secret had been hidden ever since then and no-one ever got suspicious.She also has never entered a relationship because to her that means she would be fairly close to actually finding the one who would be her Prince Charming. Every semblance of a relationship she has even had to this point could be defined as just "friends with benefits."

As she is a very impatient person, she doesn't want to wait thousands of years waiting for her perfect prince. She really hates to wait, and as such detests having to admit that finding her "Knight in Shining Armor" may or may not actually take a while.

She stayed in touch with her friends over Deadbook no matter how far she was traveling. However, with her getting older, she tended to travel much farther to avoid information leaking to her older friends, as she not only needs the sexual activities to survive but also developed a certain kind of lust and enjoyment over said activities. She is fully aware of the fact that she needs those activities on a regular basis, however she is afraid that she acquires a bit of a bad reputation because of it. More or less reason being, the conservative nature of the Japanese population didn't change all that much even if they are slightly more open compared to how they were 20 years ago.

She has recently applied to Yamaku, although only the Director knew what she exactly was. In her official record it states, "No Disease or Terminal Illness". There are a couple of personal reasons why she wants to attend Yamaku. One being meeting new people as she always has and second being the willingness to learn more about the human world and existing illnesses. Even if she herself is a Succubus, she wants to spend a large part of her life in the human world. Lastly, quite simply she cannot be bothered to drive 3 hours in a bus to reach the next available local school.

She is pretty open for pleasantries, this means that she will not avoid conversation with anyone, she'll just keep a lot to her self whist within one. She believes that being mysterious and hard to gauge shows you who is honestly interested in you. It also helps increase interest from others in you. Either way it helps her cause. She therefore hates talking about herself and would rather have a conversation about something strange and fascinating than anything that's trying to probe into anything about herself personally.

She is bisexual and even a little pervy in conversations, If someone says something relatively inviting that could lead to sexual activities, she usually takes them at their word and if it was found to be a joke. She openly admits that she wasn't. She is quite serious about the topic, after all, it's how she survives.

Although she is really open, getting anything out of her is harder than what you may be lead to believe. Although she is young she has a lot of stories to tell, especially because she traveled far and wide and got to know a large variety of people.

Although due to her nature as a Succubus and cannot be infected with any STD's. She is still very careful when selecting and looking through potential partners. As to her it's "A gift to have sex with a succubus" As a succubus, she dislikes having sex with humans that to her neither deserve it or look somewhat acceptable. Even still, her standards are fairly low but very unpredictable. It could be that she likes an asshole mostly because around her he's nice, doesn't lie and makes her laugh. On the other hand she could reject a therapist because he's trying too hard to make sense of her.

Her taste as explained is sort of strange, because generally speaking she doesn't truly have one. If you come to her the right way she'll most likely take some sort of liking to you. Unless you are like "Hey girl, you looking fine, wanna fuck?" Perhaps then you have already failed. She usually tends to get to know everyone she meets. One other thing, she could also dislike someone because she can sense if they are trying to be like everyone else and fit in. Just because that one person was just less to her liking. As stated she is unpredictable when it comes to taste and the best way to approach her as it would be for any other woman is to be yourself.
Mai Nakamura

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Re: Mai Nakamura

Post by LQ-84i on Fri May 31, 2013 9:43 am

I am going to approve this because of what we had discussed and from here it's up to Raiden to make the call.

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Re: Mai Nakamura

Post by Raiden on Sat Jun 01, 2013 3:05 am

Since we have discussed this thoroughly on Skype, I see no reason not to approve this. So... Approved.

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Re: Mai Nakamura

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