One Last Wave [OPEN]

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One Last Wave [OPEN]

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:39 pm

Kevin Clamely looked around the courtyard with an appraising look. After an accident had left him missing an eye and arm, he had known that he could no longer easily fit in with 'normal' people. Instead, he had been enrolled in an internationally renowned school that would fit his needs. His Japanese was weak, but Kevin hoped that he could use English to support him through the first days. He already felt at home looking over the courtyard. Clamely's friends in his native United Kingdom had looked up to him, and he had affectionately called them his children. Maybe he would be able to form similar bonds here. Kevin was faithful as he raised his prosthetic arm in a greeting at the closest group of students, calling out his customary greeting.

"One in the pipe."


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Re: One Last Wave [OPEN]

Post by NorXTNP on Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:45 pm

This is not how things work here, i am sorry Neutral

You must write an character and post him under "Character profiles" first, and we got to approve him.

We also have 2 more rules:
- Your account must have your characters name. (Although if you can explain it, the patriarch is okay if you add a name to it i guess)
- You need to use an profile picture which looks like your character.

I recommend you read yourself through the stickies!

If any more questions appear, please make sure to use the OOC forums.
I need to lock this, i am sorry, but thanks for your interrest in joining us! (Or write me a PM if you want to. it sounds weird at first, but youll get the hang out of it. I can also , if so desired, explain on greater detail why this procedure is neccessary.)


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