(Closed) The Emptiness

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(Closed) The Emptiness

Post by Satoshi Veach on Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:27 am

Captivity day one of the eight so far:

My eyelids lift to reveal a guardless room.


I awake tired. Restless. My head throbbing.

My internal clock telling me it's morning but can I truly believe that?

I sit up. Leaning forward from the wall.

I was sleeping what in sitting position so my back side is killing me.

I stand. Slowy getting used to not sitting down on a hard surface with nothing but skin and cloth. I have a flat ass.


I'm in my underwear!

I move hands rapidly around my body. I can hear jingling around my wrists. My ankles jingle when I move my feet.


I follow each of the chains to the wall and inspect each connection.

No weak points. The connections all require a wrench as well. A strong one.

Is there anything around here? Anything I can use as a wrench or hammer? A shank perhaps?

Dammit, I need more light!

I'm going to have to wait until they open the door and give me a little more light before I have a look around. The chains aren't long enough to examine the whole room by touch...

Captivity day two:

There was not even a single tool of any kind around. My toilet had it's top removed too.

That was all that was in the room this time. A toilet and nothing else.

For the record, it is one I can just barely reach. It doesn't have a strong flush either.

I am powerless...

They feed me and give me water from a long dipper-style utensil and keep it so I can only use my mouth to get it. Bummer.

Kuriko should be around here somewhere...

Captivity day three:

I lean away from the chains toward the door.

I have already been fed but I simply lack the effort to go back to sitting, laying, or standing.

The chains on my arm are pulled. My arms stretching back behind me. Legs behind me while staying straight. My torso at approximately a 47° angle. My head down. My greasy hair in front of my face.

Kuriko still has not come.

Where are you?...Are you ignoring me?...

..I'm sorry I left you....

Captivity day four:

The toilet is plugged. I now reserve the toilet for taking a leak and the space nearby it for doing my other business. A stench consumes my air.

These chains that bind me have begun to regularly pull on my limbs. My body continulously leaning forward.

With a huff through my nose, I grab my wrist chains and lower my body backward so I now lean at a 20° angle.

Another huff and I start to rapidly pull them and lift myself before lowering and pulling back up. Using my body weight counteracting me to provide a larger challenge.

I don't stop until I collapse from the illness of fatigue.

My final thoughts before passing out is of the girl.

Captivity day five:

The black room feels as though it has never been darker

With the fleeting hope of vengeance compelling me I will attempt to recollect myself and resume my chase.

But what is it that I am chasing?

Am I really chasing anything at all or am I simply drowning myself in revenge to avoid the horrifying truth?

I've lost the thing that made me feel the most truly alive since I began my new life.

Are my hands responsible?

Are his?

Who was he? Who was the mad man that stood before me a few days ago?

I swear I've seen him before.

I know I've seen him before....

I turn my body around to face the wall.

My wrist bindings cross.

Bringing my hands to my shoulders, I grab the chains and continuously pull myself up and down.

Captivity day six:

My wrists are raw. There are indents in my skin where I grabbed onto the chains and pulled the past couple days.

Today I do sit-ups but not for long. I always hated sit-ups.

Instead, I practice the little bit of professional fighting I know.

For God sake. Why wont you at least let me see you?

Did-....Did I really hurt you that much?...

Captivity day seven:

What day is it?...

I lost count.

I don't even know how accurate my internal clock is...

It's definitely evening but what time is it?

I know internal clocks don't get off track by a lot even with no means of telling time of day and no sunlight to guide them.

My wrists have been bleeding a little but I continue to move around and build myself regardless.

Captivity day eight:

I lay in a fetal position facing the wall.

My aching, exhausted body might as well be dead.

The only thing that gets me to move is my poor meals and getting uncomfortable.

I am left to my thoughts.

The company of myself....
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