[OPEN] A new life for that little girl

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[OPEN] A new life for that little girl

Post by Sayuri Ayaka on Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:56 pm

-Oh My Gosh! This place is sooo huge! I think i will be lost here!"

The little girl says. The school is opening a Elementary section soon and the responsible people already indicated where the petite beauty should go. Since the Elementary section of the school is not fully ready yet, she should spend some days living with an older girl (at least, older than her!) on the dorms, together in the same room, until the staff manages to finish the Elementary classes and overall section. So, Sayuri is there, walking around on the Female Dorms dressed in her usual way, with a white dress and brown blouse, with her backpack and a piece of paper on her tiny hands, searching where is the room that she was assigned to go and live until the Elementary section is finished. She enters in a particulary empty corridor of the dorms, with few light and sounds.

-Dammit, dammit, dammit! What i'm going to do now? Huuuh...i'm scared...this place is empty...maybe the room is somewhere around here? Where is the room...that i will be living together with a girl for sometime until they finish that stuff?
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Re: [OPEN] A new life for that little girl

Post by NorXTNP on Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:38 am

((At this point i want to point out that the whole elementary school thing only exist because of a time warp. In other words, the reboot is nothing else but going back in time/Entering an alternative universe altogether.

HOWEVER,since i am a nice guy, i decided that(because the reboot comes fast) (and i decided it alone with the power i have) an elementary school was being build in this town aswell, it wont ever finish (because of the reboot) though, and yamaku offers dormitorys for elementary students due the recent kidnapps.

The guy who is overwatching the small ones is the school nurse.
btw he is on standby for RPs, so just open a thread in the nurse section and hes gonna do it.

here we go, have fun roleplaying.)


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