[PRIVATE] As One Door Closes

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[PRIVATE] As One Door Closes

Post by Sayuri Motozaki on Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:27 pm

[since the reboot has now officially happened...]


Yuuji is next to fall, the blue-haired boy laughing as Yuuji joins his fellow comrades, dead on the blood-slick floor of the corridor. The fight had been short, brief, and one-sided. The strange robots, led by the evil blue-haired boy and the tall man in the mechanical suit, had annihilated the squad that had gone to rescue the students held at the facility, and now Sayuri was one of the last few left.

In desperation she swung her kendo blade at one of the machines. With a sickening crack the blade splintered and broke in two. The unharmed machine seized the front of Sayuri's dress and hauled her out of her wheelchair. If not for Sayuri's height it would be holding her right off the ground. Defiant to the last, Sayuri spat in the machine's face before its arm swung back, ready to deliver a fist with enough force to smash her skull. The curled fist flew towards her-


With a loud gasp Sayuri awoke, sitting bolt upright. She was panting as though she had run a mile, her face and hands slick with sweat. She was safely in her room, the kendo blade lying where it always had ever since she had removed it from its mounting all those months ago. Were she to look - though she would not dare to - Yuuji would be asleep in his own room, and so would Satoshi, and Sumiko, and Tiberius, and the other nameless students she had seen. There were no monsters or cyborgs or evil blue-haired boys with talking cats.

And yet it felt so real...

"What a strange dream."

With this utterance, Sayuri sighs wearily, rolls over, closes her eyes and within a moment is fast asleep again. By morning the strange dream would be gone from her thoughts, never to return.
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