The Wolf and The Crow

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The Wolf and The Crow

Post by Satoshi Veach on Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:54 am

Graceful land o' golden Faywyn. Dawn breaks upon an algid Spring's morn.

All creatures of the land awaken to start their daily business.

Farmers plant their crops. Guards change shifts. Merchants prepare to market their wares.

A crow wakes from it's nightly retirement.

In Meldos, the capital of Faywyn, all is not as it seems.

The Governor's chambers are disturbed. The daughter of his highness is absent from her quarters.

The crow nestles itself upon a window sill. Cocking it's head to the side in a curious manner.

It is one of her personal guards that discovers the disturbance.

Darkness grips the minds of each as a rumor spreads of the disippearance. A second mysterious rumor is spread on who did it and every one seems to say it's the very same individual.

The crow squaks a caw and takes flight. As if laughing at the chaos below.

A messenger is sent out to embark on a journey to alert a man of great value to the royal family.


Christopher Cook. Widely known for his heroic actions in the Vjalldaskarian war. A conflict with the Nordic people of Vjalldaskar.

Even for his age of 17 he is known as the best warrior out of anyone a year past their coming of age and one of the best in the land.

It is also thanks to his prowess in combat ferocity (and a shortage of manpower after the war) that led to him being accepted as an offical knight even though he should still only be a squire.

The dawn sun illuminates the room of our story's hero. Innitiating a tale for ages to come...
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