[Closed] Nightmares. Demons.

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[Closed] Nightmares. Demons.

Post by Satoshi Veach on Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:36 pm


My body violently sits up. Arms flailed up before falling back down to their places.

What a horrible nightmare...

...Why do I remember it so clearly?

I sometimes have memorable dreams but I've never remembered one so clearly before.

It's as clear as a normal memory...

Oh well, I better get ready for the day.

The school festival is going to start soon and I need to practice!

No more doing that stuff that late at night, though. I wouldn't be surprised if my lack of sleep gave me the nightmare.

My body is too used to getting an overabundance of sleep.

I get ready for the day and close the door to my dorm.

In my dream I was broken out of some sort of captivity.

It wasn't a government facility but...everything about it seemed official due to everything looking so professional. 

After getting rescued I was thrown into a fight between my fellow classmates and cybernetically enhanced people.

One of them was Kuriko.

There were also a large amount of bodies of things called 'militia' around a passed out Taketa.

On his body was much blood and many wounds. Right next to him was the body of Sayuri bleeding from her upper torso and mouth. Ryuu from the cuts, his nose, and his eyes.

Next to me were my closest of friends and Wade with a bruise on his cheek.

...I kinda punched him in the face and in the gut after he broke me out of my bindings-I still don't know why.

The confrontation started with words. Myself having the largest conversation with Kuriko.

She had told me of how she thought I was a horrible boyfriend.

I couldn't believe it. She left me pleading with her to understand everything that happened. I had started to cry.

My tears stopped, however, when she went after my friends.

Without even looking at her, my hand moves so quick that she doesn't see it coming. A slap. The clapping sound that suggests I made contact can practically be heard around the world.

She is visibly emotionally effected. Her eyes tear up and she makes another remark aimed, this time, at the wolf standing behind me.

My hand thrusts forward. This time wrapping around her bare neck. A part of her that is not yet cybernetics.

Long hair hides angry, tormented eyes.

Panic consumes the girl. She is unable to harm me as easily as she would like because her mind is not letting her touch me.

"You left me alone in the dark for two weeks."

Consciousness looses it's grip on her and she passes out. I was being protected from any other attacks by my allies.

My hand lets Kuriko slide helpless to the floor.

My weapons all come out. Kunai are thrown, armor is broken from tonfa's, Eric is mutilated by Chris but Chris is killed in the process by Eric, Yuuji is too slow and is pummeled  in one blow by Takeshi. Shinto goes after Vivian but is shot by Lucas.

Lucas is, in-turn jumped on by Tiberius. Setsuna uses one of Shinto's tonfas to disarm Lucas.

Setsuna arms himself with the firearm and unloads on Lucas's face. He misses a lot from his lack of experience with a gun but hits his mark a couple times, bringing down Lucas and, unknowingly brings down Tiberius as well.

Setsuna is too shocked to continue after seeing what he did. Instead, he just kneels on the pavement.

Takeshi is busy with other students and Wade.

I set my own sights of Vivian who is in the middle of going after Chiharu.

After Vivian's eyes meet mine, she completely halts.

Even with a weapon that can cut through my own if I wasn't careful, she still is horribly frightened.

I am not bound by chains, most of my friends are either dead or knocked unconscious, my girlfriend betrayed me.

She KNOWS I am not happy. She KNOWS I have nothing to lose.

And she KNOWS her and I didn't end on a good number.

After much hesitation, he legs force her to flee into the inner chamber. Takeshi follows because he has no allies by him anymore and many enemies.

Just before the main door inside closes, Wade smashes the control panel and the doors stop half way.

Everyone moves in cautiously.

We come across robotic limbs and organs. Everything that Takeshi would not want to show a police officer, you see in there.

We enter the library and find some books on the current cybernetic parts.

I find a particularly painful-sounding way to be enhanced.

"See here."

I toss the book. It slides to their feet with the page I was on open.

"How would you all like that done to you?"

Those who read it-or at least the few that can read it allowed without getting sick to their stomachs-spread the word around the force.

After searching around we find Vivian hiding under a table. She runs into a shadowed area and out comes Takeshi with her.

Vivian runs at Nayumi but instead gets cloths lined by the tip of my tonfa. She is out cold.

In the confusion of the fight, Takeshi accidentally hits Nayumi when she tries to defend a helpless person knocked to his knees.

She is severely hurt.

His plan almost in ruins now, Takeshi loses his concentration and slackens his pace.

I jump on Takeshi's back and hit the back of his head over and over again with a tonfa and a kunai. Trying to break every wire-every computer-everything controlling his use of cybernetics.

This slows him further and makes it so he can't see but he shakes me off and lifts his visor.

When I fall, Wade jumps on his back.

Everyone is doing their best to break stuff on him.

I land on my back next to Vivian and her sword.


As Takeshi's fist goes down, the sword goes up. The handle toward Wade.

After catching it, it is driven into Takeshi's visor opening.

I awoke after getting hit and flying into a wall.

The dream ended but would I have died if it were to continue on?

My bones would all be broken, especially my spine. There isn't a doubt in my mind that I would of fallen from that.
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