[Closed] A Ghost is Born

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[Closed] A Ghost is Born

Post by Nicholas H - Dazai on Fri Jul 26, 2013 12:33 am

The glare of neon threw the streets into a kaleidoscopic mirage of whiskey smoke mosaics. Everything warped a bit from my drunkenness. But I never touched a drop of alcohol; however when you are in love everything appears in perspective put through magnificent filters and the world in front of you seems like it was filmed on tumbling and panning cameras where everything feels up in the air, swirling.

When you're back in your old neighborhood
The cigarettes taste so good
But you're so misunderstood
You're so misunderstood

There's something there that you can't find
You look honest when you're telling a lie
You hurt her but you don't know why
You love her but you don't know why

This suitcase wasn't too heavy. These feet are accustomed to walking from all the times I walked miles in place. Going nowhere. But I know now where I gotta go. I finally know where my priorities lie. You know that blonde haired girl with the deep ass, bass like voice? Yeah, that's my sister. Chika Harrison-Dazai. And I....I wasn't sure until now. That I...


( www.youtube.com/watch?v=psKZgp_ec9s )

I'm sorry.

When I sat down on the bed next to you
You started to cry
I said, maybe if I leave, you'll want me
To come back home
Or maybe all you mean, is leave me alone
At least that's what you said

I....love you. And I really miss you. It's been months. No calls. I didn't mean to beat you like that. Honest.

My pace quicken as my heart and mind race faster and faster. My chest hurts.

You're irresistible when you get mad
Isn't it sad, I'm immune
I thought it was cute
For you to kiss
My purple black eye
Even though I caught it from you
I still think we're serious
At least that's what you said

I start to run.

A panic attack crept up like silent tsunami scaling the ocean, rising and rising and rising until-


It hit like a ton of bricks and I let loose a bloodcurdling scream towards the sky as I crumple to the ground, clutching my head. Every nerve is on the fritz and I shake like a toothache on the floor as I crawl to my suitcase. I have to see... See....


I can't get up. The sensation renders me incapacitated. I could see the train station in sight. Police officers run over, bystanders look on at my fit, paramedics are called.

A sedative is injected into the my bloodstream. I'm loaded on kicking and screaming.

And the ambulance's shrill cry echo on and on. I drift further and further beneath.
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