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Takeshi Tachibana

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NAME: Takeshi Tachibana
AGE: 40
CLASS: Teacher

APPEARANCE: It's obvious that Takeshi was a really handsome man in his youth, but unfortunately, time and all the stress he's been through have said their word. His hair is prematurely greying (an effect further amplified by the pills he's taking to suppress his body from rejecting his cybernetics), and his face looks like that of someone at least 5-10 years older than him. However, his body is still quite physically fit, and, all things considered, he's not that bad-looking either. Even though he only needs his glasses to read, he prefers to wear them all the time, as he thinks they make him seem smarter in front of the students. Takeshi's usually seen wearing suits while outside, even when he's not teaching. While at home, he prefers to wear more casual clothing (his favorite outfit for home is a shirt with Iron Man's arc reactor on his chest, alongside loosely-fitting pants and slippers).

Early Childhood:
Takeshi was born in in 1981, in a rich and powerful family. His father, a genius engineer, had created a revolution in the scientific community a few years ago by inventing a special kind of wire that, when connected to a carefully manipulated human nerve, could successfully carry electrical impulses transmitted by the brain. While this invention was more or less useless back in the seventies, everybody could see its amazing potential in the long run - after technology made such inventions possible, the wire could be utilized to give human users direct control over pretty much anything, from cybernetic limbs to vehicles or even computers. In theory, the wire could be used to make people control any piece of technology they're connected to with their minds. Scientists intrigued by the idea quickly bought the rights to research possible appliances for this amazing invention, making Takeshi's father a millionaire. Unfortunately, the man would never be able to see the fruits of his labor, as he passed away in December of 1980, just a few months before his son was born.

Little Takeshi grew up raised only by his mother - a childhood friend of his father who didn't share his intellectual genius. Her son, on the other hand, not only shared it - he surpassed it. At age 4, Takeshi was able to easily solve mathematical problems intended for children over twice his age. His mother immediately recognized his potential and acted quickly, hiring tutors and otherwise funding Takeshi's education completely. The boy didn't seem to particularly mind - learning new information was like a child's play to him. By the time his conscious life had fully began, spending his days inside learning physics, science, mechanics and biology with a tutor had become a routine for him. Despite all that, he never expressed a particular desire to be with his peers. That's not to say he didn't like having fun - his definition of "fun" was simply a bit different. While other children enjoyed themselves playing tag or trading cards, Takeshi found pleasure in making complex mechanisms work.

The Choice that Almost Changed Everything:
Naturally, with his talent, his mom never bothered enrolling him in school. He began his education at home with multiple tutors when he was five and already covered all of the material taught in high school by age 13, immediately beginning to study college-level subjects (primarily mechanics and physics, but also subject like biology, AI and chemistry). He continued studying these until he turned 18, which, due to his aptitude for absorbing new information, made him a genius in these areas. In 2001, he presented his very first grand project to several of his father's scientific associates - a prototype of a fully functioning bionic hand, the very first of its kind. Naturally, the project was FAR from perfect - the hand's movements weren't exactly what you'd call fluid, and its strength could have used some improvements, but the most important thing was that it actually worked. Unfortunately, the project was way too expensive and way too inefficient for its price to be profitable. Takeshi's scientific peers saw potential in the project, but simply weren't very interested in it, giving the young man half-hearted excuses like "The world isn't ready" and "If only it was cheaper, we would have invested in it". Nobody was willing to help the inventor with the finances he needed to properly perfect his masterpiece. Nobody... but a single Italian businessman.

The man's offer was simple - Takeshi would need to move to Italy and participate in a high-level government project aimed at creating cybernetically enhanced soldiers. His resources would be near-limitless, he'd have the biggest Italian minds for hire at his disposal, and he'd be allowed to further his research into cybernetics, thus finally completing his father's work. And after the project was done, he'd leave it as a rich man. Takeshi thought long and hard about whether or not he should accept the offer. On one hand, the Italians were the only people interested in his technology, and if he didn't join them, he would need to leave the world of cybernetics behind forever. But on the other, he would need to use his technology for military purposes, which wasn't what he wanted at all. Takeshi's desire was to use his technology to help people – give new lives to terminally ill patients, new limbs to amputees, even new bodies if necessary. As such, he made the hard decision to reject the offer, mostly because he didn't want to build machines that would take lives, but also because he kept having weird dreams which showed him terrible images of what would happen if he agreed. Without his assistance, the Italian SWA project fell through.

Meeting Tomoe:
As such, Takeshi gave up on his dream to work on cybernetics commercially, but he still continued to perfect his technology at home. He got himself a job as a general engineer working for a medium-sized hardware company, which earned him more than enough to get by. He used whatever money he saved, alongside what's left of his family fortune, to fund his own independent research into cybernetic implants. By 2005, he already had a fully functioning bionic arm prototype, vastly improved over the version he made years ago. However, by that point, he wasn't really all that interested in commercializing his research, as he was convinced that it would just be used for military purposes again. Not to mention, another young and talented man by the name of Kenshi Kato had already found a way to make similar cybernetics that were of lesser quality, but were also less expensive to produce, which is what got investors interested. Everything changed when he met a woman by the name of Tomoe Nagamoto.

Tomoe was an incredibly skilled surgeon, often considered to be a genius. Not only was she intelligent – she was also amazingly beautiful, charming, funny, and her heart was the kindest that Takeshi had ever seen. The two met by complete accident, which in itself was a cliché straight from a romantic comedy. After the young man went to the hospital one day for his regular examination for work, the elevator he and Tomoe were on got stuck in between floors for about four hours. To pass the time, the two started talking, and before long, they found that they had a lot in common – they were both extremely gifted children that began learning their trade from a young age by following in their fathers' footsteps. But while Tomoe had managed to achieve her dream and had become a successful surgeon, Takeshi's had failed. Even so, the young scientist had managed to catch the doctor's attention, and by the time they were released from the elevator, he had already invited her out on a first date. Her answer was yes. She repeated that answer about a year later when the two of them were standing at the altar in early 2006.

Just two months later, Tomoe confessed to Takeshi that she had been missing her period since their wedding. One pregnancy test later confirmed what they already suspected – the young woman was pregnant with their child. Just to further reinforce the romantic comedy cliches, she found out she had conceived on their wedding night. Takeshi couldn't be happier. He no longer even cared about science all that much, he was just happy that he had managed to create a family. A few months later, the baby was revealed to be a girl, and the two parents spent quite a while picking an appropriate name for her. Finally, they found one that, for some reason, resonated with both of them quite strongly – Nayumi. And thus, it was decided that the newest member of the Tachibana family would be named Nayumi Tachibana.

But unfortunately, tragedy struck. On June 10th 2006, about six months after Tomoe had conceived, Takeshi got a call at work informing him that his wife was going into labor due to pregnancy complications. Immediately, Takeshi ran to the hospital and waited for about an hour before he was allowed to see his wife. Due to the small size of the baby, the birth was relatively quick and painless, and Tomoe was already feeling fine by the time she was reunited with her husband. But unfortunately, little Nayumi's life was beyond salvation. Since she was born so early, the only way she could possibly survive was by spending time in an incubator and undergoing special treatments, which were so horribly expensive that there was no way for Tomoe and Takeshi to pay them, even if they sold all of their belongings. Little Nayumi's life appeared to be lost... until an anonymous good Samaritan donated the necessary sum straight to the hospital and instructed them to save the little girl's life. Even though Takeshi never got to learn who exactly saved his daughter from certain death, the important thing was that tragedy was averted, and the young family's darkest hour was behind them... but not without leaving its scars.

Due to her early birth, Nayumi was left with an incredibly weak and fragile body, and an almost non-existent immune system. The only way the little girl could possibly continue living was by constantly taking immuno-boosting pills, and even then her extremely limited stamina and frequent illnesses forced her to stay at home most of the time. But that didn't matter. The most important thing for Takeshi and Tomoe was that at least they still had their daughter with them. The two desperately wanted to do something to repay their debt to their mysterious savior... And finally realized what.

Together, the two came up with a plan to create a charity organization called CyberHeart. By that time, Takeshi had already perfected his cybernetics and had learned how to make them quickly, efficiently and, more importantly, cheaply. Combined with Tomoe's surgical skill, the two founded CyberHeart in an attempt to provide cybernetic implants that were cheap, yet still of an extremely high quality, to people who really couldn't afford to pay millions of yen for the high-tech cybernetics that Kenshi Kato offered. The only thing the patient would need to pay for were the raw materials, which 9 times out of 10 were entirely affordable for the average household. The assembly of the materials, as well as the implant itself, were done for free by Takeshi and Tomoe respectively.

CyberHeart proved to be a tremendous success, more so than anyone could have imagined. Even though it was tricky for both parents to balance their jobs, their volunteering work and taking care of their daughter, they still somehow managed to do it, and felt unmatched satisfaction out of it all. Throughout the 10 years in which CyberHeart was active, the Tachibana family managed to help hundreds of people in need. But all good things come to an end.

Takeshi Loses Everything:
In early 2017, Takeshi and his wife were involved in a multi-car pileup that occurred when a truck slipped and turned around. As a result, the scientist lost his right arm and legs and sustained multiple internal injuries. But he was lucky. Tomoe, who was sitting right next to him, took most of the hit and didn't survive the crash. Eventually, Takeshi managed to replace his limbs with cybernetic ones of his own design, alongside all the internal organs that were damaged. But the wound was deeper than that – Tomoe was his reason for living, and her death affected him greatly, causing him to disband CyberHeart and to turn to drinking.

Not long after that, some representatives of the Sequenze family of mobsters came to his home and made him an offer – they would employ him to create a cybernetic supersoldier for them and would give him an unlimited amount of supplies and staff. Takeshi immediately refused their offer, claiming he would never be that desperate. One of the mobsters walked up to a picture of Nayumi standing nearby and commented on how pretty she would look with a fully cybernetic body, implying they would be using her for their research one way or another. That's when Takeshi lost it. Using a kitchen knife, he brutally killed all of the Yakuza, down to the last one. After realizing what he had done, he called the police and explained the whole situation to them, but added that he was attacked and had killed the mobsters in self-defense – an explanation the police officers were satisfied with. Nayumi never got to learn about any of this.

A New Beginning:
Fearing the Yakuza's retaliation, Takeshi took Nayumi and ran across the country, eventually settling down in the town next to Yamaku. There, he found himself another job which didn't earn him nearly as much as the one in the big city did, but he still managed to get enough to support himself and his daughter, as well as to pay for her medication and hospital bills whenever she got too sick. He continued keeping a low profile and operating under the fake name Masato Toriyama for three years. Until one faithful day, Nayumi's body stopped responding to her immuno-boosting medication. Her doctor at the local hospital told them that this was both good and bad – the good part was that she had, ironically, developed an immunity towards them, which also meant that the pills were working as intended. Her strengthened immune system would allow the girl to be outside her home for more than an hour or two at the time, but weren't enough to prevent her from getting sick a lot more often, and more badly, than her peers. To combat this, her pills needed to be replaced with injections, and other methods for boosting her immune system needed to be found. The doctor stated that a healthy social life can do wonders as an immuno-booster and recommended that Nayumi be enrolled in Yamaku Academy, seeing as she was just the right age to enter high school.

Takeshi was reluctant to do it. Because of her weak body, up until now Nayumi had been taught at home, and her father wondered about whether her sudden enrollment in a public school would do her more harm than good. The young girl really wanted to do it, so Takeshi finally decided to let her go, but under one condition – she would need to wait until she's in her second year. He decided that for two reasons – first, it would mean that Nayumi's childhood friend, who was a year younger, would be attending the same school then, and second, because Takeshi himself would also be able find a job as a teacher there so he could constantly be around in case something happened.

Throughout 2020, the man tried to balance work, taking care of his daughter and studying to get a teaching certificate. Takeshi was used to handling a lot more in the past, so this wasn't really a big deal to him. Finally, in early 2021, he became a fully certified teacher and immediately applied for a job in Yamaku Academy. Given his brilliant resume, the man was immediately accepted into the school as a science teacher. A few months later, Nayumi passed her entrance exams and was accepted as a junior student.

PERSONALITY: On the surface, Takeshi appears to be a very strict teacher who doesn't tolerate any bullshit - he doesn't act particularly friendly towards his students while in the classroom and tends to be pretty stingy when it comes to grades. However, that's only because that's how he was taught himself. As a child, he wasn't really allowed to crack jokes or neglect his homework. Regardless, he has come to care for his students and will always try to do what's best for them, in his own way. When outside the classroom, Takeshi still tends to be quite reserved, especially around people he doesn't know particularly well. He speaks in very formal Japanese and doesn't like to share much about his personal life or history when "bonding" with other people. Instead, he would prefer to discuss other topics such as science, philosophy, religion and politics.

However, deep down inside, Takeshi is a pretty cool guy. When speaking to someone he knows really well (such as his daughter) he tends to be quite cheerful and energetic. He also has a very weird sense of humor that he rarely expresses, mostly because not many people tend to find his jokes funny (Tomoe was one of the few who had a very similar sense of humor). Speaking of Nayumi, she is Takeshi's one and only weakness, and the thought of losing her is his biggest nightmare. As such, he would go to great lengths to protect her, like trying to be near to her at all times and making her carry her medication everywhere in case she felt ill while outside. He goes even further and assumes the identity of Captain Triangle (by putting on a pair of triangle-shaped shades... and nothing else) and starts stalking her whenever he senses she might be talking to a boy in an attempt to protect her and her virginity.
Takeshi Tachibana

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