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NAME: Inna Wilson
AGE: 28

APPEARANCE: Inna is an extremely beautiful woman - her long, blond hair reaches past her shoulders, and her large, deep-blue eyes are able to capture any man's heart. She's almost always seen with a genuine smile on her face, and her good mood is often contagious. Her most extraordinary feature is the slick-looking metal device firmly attached to the back of her neck (which, in actuality, is a cybernetic device that reconnects her damaged spine). Even then, it tends to be mostly covered up by her long hair, and is rarely visible for more than a glimpse unless she specifically shows it to someone. Inna tends to dress pretty casually most of the time, often preferring dresses and skirts over jeans and t-shirts. She might occasionally wear a suit during more formal inspections, but she prefers not to, as she finds them quite uncomfortable.

Early Childhood:
Our story began in the year 2000, in a small Eastern European city located in a country where the economy wasn't exactly flourishing. In order to get through the economical crisis, a lot of people were reduced to disgracing themselves in various ways just to be able to survive somehow. That included even the children. In order to feed, the sisters Elena and Inna were forced to steal food from the markets. After their parents' deaths, they chose to run away instead of facing the concentration camp that passed as an orphanage there. Ever since then, the two had been living on the streets. Elena, as the older sister, was usually the one taking the initiative and making the decisions. She was fast, strong and confident, and was doing her best to provide her sister with food, a roof over their head and a proper role model. Inna, on the other hand, was a bit of a crybaby. She was clumsy, quiet, shy, and overall not really suited for the lifestyle of a street kid, which is quite understandable considering she was only 7 years old. Elena knew all that, but couldn't really do anything about it, other than try and steal enough food for both of them and spare her sister the humiliation of doing so. She wanted to provide her sister with a proper home where they wouldn't have to live like this, but the only way to do that would be for them to find some sort of job, and we all know that no one would really hire two homeless children to do anything, especially when the economy's THAT bad.

However, it seemed like fate finally smiled upon them, for the first time in their lives! A man in an elegant, expensive-looking suit noticed Elena as she was stealing and followed her to Inna. Once he revealed himself to the two of them, he explained how the lifestyle of a thief wasn't really suited for them and they should try and get a proper job. Luckily, he just so happened to be hiring! You see, he had just purchased a brand new groceries shop just outside of town, and he needed two cute girls to sell there. The man assured them that even though they wouldn't earn too much money, they'd be provided with a bedroom and plenty of food for free, as long as they kept working for him. Inna wasn't too sure about this offer, there was something about the man that seemed suspicious to her. It was almost as if what he's saying was too good to be true... However, Elena dismissed her sister's concerns and accepted the job, finally seeing this as a chance to get off the streets. The man in the suit was happy to hear this. He took the two to his car and drove them to his little shop outside of the city.

A Year in Hell:
Only it wasn't not a shop at all, not for groceries, at least. As soon as Elena and Inna entered, they realized the terrible truth – they had been been tricked. This was anything but salvation. In reality, it was a cheap brothel for child prostitutes picked off the streets. Soon after their arrival, the two were assaulted multiple times in a row in order to break their will. Elena wasn't weak enough to give in – she kept resisting and cursing the men right until the very end. Inna, on the other hand, broke quite easily. After they were done with her, the girl lacked any will to live. The life in her eyes was simply gone. Elena felt anger and hatred for the ones that did this to them, but she also blamed herself, as she was the one who persuaded her sister into accepting the offer. After it became obvious that Inna's small and fragile body just wouldn't survive being treated like this every day, Elena made her captors an offer – she wouldn't resist whatever it was they wanted to do to her, and she would work twice as much, but only if they would leave her sister alone. The men agreed.

The next two months felt like a living hell for the young Elena. She was cramping and hurting almost all the time, and after a few weeks she began bleeding internally. The girl knew it was getting bad, and that she had to see the doctor there, but she was afraid that he'd force her to stop working and they'd focus on her sister instead. Elena managed to pass off the bleeding as her period (even though she was too young to have one yet) and thus stayed off her captors' radar for a while. But the condition took its toll, and the girl began feeling weaker and weaker due to anemia. Eventually, Inna noticed this and confronted her about it. Elena tried to calm her sister down and explain that everything was alright, but in the ensuing conversation, one thing became obvious – the men were forcing the little girl to work as well, without telling her older sister. Enraged, Elena decided that the two should finally try and escape from that terrible place. Reluctantly, Inna agreed.

The Snuff Film:
But what the two didn't realize at the time was that all the other children there would've escaped already if it was that easy. After some planning and deception, the sisters managed to make it out of the brothel and began running, but they didn't reach far before being caught, due to Elena's anemia, Inna's weaker body and the fact that their pursuers were grown men who had caught little runaways before. Since their captors didn't want to risk another escape attempt, and as a form of punishment, the two girls were auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder. That highest bidder was an Italian businessman with a fetish for snuff films. He'd often buy girls from developing countries, smuggle them into Italy and watch as his surgeons skillfully dissected them while they were still alive. A few days after their escape attempt, Inna and Elena were put on a train to Italy, fully aware that they were going to their deaths. The fear from this further broke Inna mentally, though, as always, Elena's resolve remained unshaken. She kept assuring her sister that they were going to be rescued, and that everyone would turn out okay for them at the end, but deep down in her heart, she knew it wasn't going to happen.

After their arrival in Italy, the sisters were brought into an old, abandoned hospital and separated by force. Each one was stripped of her clothes and tied to an operating table, with two surgeons standing next to them. Throughout the next twenty minutes, the surgeons used scalpels, drills, bone saws and needles to thoroughly destroy their bodies below the neck, cutting them open and messing with their insides, all without anesthesia. Inna was lucky – her surgery went on a bit more slowly than her sisters' due to her smaller size, so the wounds she had sustained were not fatal. However, when the rescuers found Elena, what remained of the child's corpse barely resembled a human being.

Meeting Wade Wilson:
Among the rescuers was a young, idealistic mercenary from Canada known as Wade Wilson. Due to his fame and skills, he and a few of his comrades were hired under the table by the Italian government to completely destroy the person or organization responsible for smuggling children into Italy. For the last week, he was researching and investigating the case, which ultimately culminated in the raid of the hospital. During it, the businessman, surgeons and everyone else involved was killed. Everyone, except for Inna. After the doctor treating Wade's injuries after the raid spotted a weird rash on his back and asked him to remain in the country for a few more days as he's running some tests, the mercenary decided to go and check on the little girl he had rescued.

When he first saw her, Inna was practically dead inside. The surgery had left her permanently paralyzed from the neck down, and everything that had happened to her put a huge strain on her mind. She was, more or less, just an empty shell of the girl she once was. Since Wade was fluent in multiple languages, communicating with her wasn't a big problem, but the thing was, she didn't WANT to speak to him. Inna claimed that she never wanted to be rescued, and that her life was practically meaningless now that her body was useless and her sister was gone.

This got the young mercenary thinking. The thought that a girl this young was already so depressed that she wished she had died was making him question his actions. So far, he had only thought about rescuing people during the operations he was involved in, but he had never really thought about what happened to them afterward. This time, he decided to stay behind and actually help out the person he had saved until he actually felt like he was changing things for the better. Wade handled all of Inna's hospital bills to allow her to stay in Italy, then began visiting her every day and talking to her. At first, her reactions were just as you'd expect – she'd ignore him most of the time, and when she didn't, she just told him to get lost. But Wade persisted. He didn't want to give up on her. He told her about himself – about his past, about his fiancee, about pretty much anything he could think of. Slowly, but surely, Inna began opening to him as well. But just as everything seemed to be turning out alright, tragedy struck again, and the weird rash on Wade's back turned out to be terminal skin cancer.

This revelation depressed the young mercenary and forced him to break up with his fiancee, but only served to strengthen his resolve. Now, he was more than determined to help the girl in any way he could before dying. Wade hid the fact that he has cancer from the girl and continued to visit her regularly. After a month with him by her side, Inna finally smiled for the first time since she was living on the streets with her sister. But, once again, what little happiness she had left didn't last long. Wade received an offer by the Canadian government to participate in an experiment that, if successful, would cure his cancer completely. The mercenary thought long and hard about whether or not he should participate, but ultimately decided to do so. He finally told Inna about his illness and assured her that he's leaving to Canada to get better. With a confident smile, Wade promised her that he'll come back for her after that, and when he does, he'll adopt her. The girl then promised him that she'd be waiting for him, no matter how long it took.

Deadpool Returns:
Inna waited in her hospital room for five long years. No one came to look for her. No one was interested in her, and the only reason the nurses were even taking care of her was because Wade's old bank account was still paying the bills automatically. But everyone knew that the young girl had been abandoned. One day, one of the nurses offered the little girl "a way out" - euthanasia. The procedure involved a solution that, once injected, would put her to sleep and stop her heart, much like how the lethal injection execution in the US works. The nurse assured Inna that she wouldn't feel anything - she'd just drift off and wake up in Heaven. The little girl thought long and hard, and finally decided to accept the services of the "death doctor".

In the evening, once most other doctors had gone home, the nurse brought the solution to Inna's room and hooked it up on an IV stand before inserting the needle into her arm. The girl closed her eyes and prepared for the sweet release of death... until suddenly, a doctor bleeding from the mouth and with a torn-up forehead broke into the room. "Evacuate immediately! Some lunatic dressed in red is storming the hospital!" he shouted. Reluctantly, the nurse canceled the procedure and prepared to wheel Inna out, but it was too late - the man in the red and black bodysuit was already there. After apologizing thoroughly for abandoning her, he ran over to Inna and gave her a strong girl. The little girl's eyes filled with tears as she realized that Wade had finally returned to her. But it wasn't the same mercenary that had left to get rid of his cancer five years ago.

The treatment had worked - Wade's body became completely immune to any illness (not to mention immortal due to his uncanny regenerating ability), but as a result, his skin cancer got out of control and disfigured his body, which is why he began wearing a suit to cover himself up. In the process, he also lost his memories and his sanity, and thus couldn't come back for her. For a while, Wade (now calling himself Deadpool) took up mercenary jobs while investigating the people who stole his memories. Once he finally reclaimed them, the first thing he did was to fly back to Italy and storm the hospital, terrified that Inna might not be waiting for him there. Luckily, everything turned out alright, and he managed to rescue Inna from death just in time.

Inna's Family:
The first thing Deadpool did after saving Inna was to bring her back to Canada with him. The girl was still paralyzed, obviously, so she mostly spent her time in his apartment watching TV, which was a life which was FAR superior to her solitary confinement in a cold, blank hospital room. Since Deadpool had to travel a lot, he decided to hire a nurse that would take care of his daughter while he was gone. The two of them got together and looked through dozens of possible candidates, until one of them caught Inna's eye - a young woman who was studying in a Canadian medical school, but was native to Japan. The thing that most impressed the little girl was that the woman's face was badly burned, which made her think that she would be able to understand what it was like to survive an event that left you scarred forever. The woman agreed, in part of the more-than-generous payment that Deadpool was offering her, but mostly because she truly could empathize with Inna and wanted to help. Subsequently, she became kind of like a mother figure to her, and also became Deadpool's best friend. Her name was Eos Eregeneia.

Meanwhile, Inna's father continued the investigation into the people who stole his memories. Finally, in early 2006, he managed to find out exactly where they did the experiment to him and assaulted the place, guns blazing. What he found inside horrified him. After interrogating a scientist, he found out that they had been trying to clone him ever since they found out that his unique DNA was the only one that mutated successfully after the treatment and turned the subject immortal. The clone had recently been born and was nicknamed DP-23 (23rd attempt at cloning Deadpool). Disgusted, the man in red killed everyone inside and took the baby, then brought it back home and introduced it to Inna as her little brother. Realizing that he can't possibly take care of both of them, Deadpool contacted his ex-fiancee Vanessa and gave the infant to her care, promising to do whatever he can to provide for him. That's the first time Inna met her, and the two women immediately bonded, with Ness happily agreeing to let Inna be the baby's older sister. Together, they named the little boy Wade Wilson Jr., much to Deadpool's annoyance.

Regaining her Body:
Two years later, during one of his missions, Deadpool was hired by a Japanese-born engineer by the name of Kenshi Kato who had been working for the Harway Corporation and building cybernetic enhancements for their assassins for almost a decade. He wanted out of it, but knew the Harways would never let him go. Thus, he offered to pay Deadpool to smuggle him back to Japan, where the Harways have no influence. The mercenary agreed, but under one condition - instead of paying him, Kato would need to invent a way to cybernetically repair Inna's body so that she could move again. Left without much of a choice, the scientist agreed. As such, Deadpool busted into the Harways' main lab, shooting down every guard in sight and eventually rescuing Kato before smuggling him back to Canada. After examining Inna, the scientist concluded that her injuries weren't as serious as he thought - her paralysis was due to a spinal injury on her neck, and her body, while scarred, was otherwise working fine.

After some work, Kato managed to invent a device that would act as an artificial spine and, once attached, would relay the nerve signals and, theoretically, allow Inna to move again. However, if the surgery was unsuccessful, then the damage it would inflict on the girl's spine would most likely kill her, and even it works, then the device would kill her if it's broken. Regardless, Inna decided to risk it anyway, claiming that if there's a chance her body might work again, she'd absolutely take it no matter what. The complicated surgery lasted for a while, but ultimately, it turned out to be a success, and the young girl regained the sensitivity of her body. Her first step was widely celebrated within the Wilson household, but it took Inna two more years of painful physical therapy to be able to walk and use her hands properly, and even then she required a cane for a while.

When Inna turned fifteen, she was accepted into a Canadian high school. The girl had shown an uncanny aptitude at learning new languages, having already learned Bulgarian (native language), Italian (during the five years in the Italian hospital), English (taught to her by Deadpool) and Japanese (taught to her by Eos and Vanessa). She also started learning French in school, and would later go on to study German in college. Her high school years went by rather uneventfully - Inna was moderately popular because of her heritage, and mostly because of the device on her neck, but other than that, noting special really happened to her. Regardless, the young girl was more than happy - she was finally living the normal life she had always dreamed about. In 2012, she graduated from high school with excellent grades and immediately entered college to study international business management - as always, paid for in full by her father. Inna eventually got her degree in 2015 and decided to try and find a job. But then something that no one could have expected happened.

Just a Job?:
All of a sudden, mutants everywhere lost their powers, including her father. Deadpool didn't mind becoming mortal all that much - in fact, he welcomed it. But the biggest problem for him was that it left him out of a job. Even though he was an incredibly skilled mercenary in his own right, the main reason why 'Pool was successful 100% of the time was because of his accelerated healing factor. As such, the Decimation event left him out of a job, possibly permanently. After getting some advise from a lawyer, Deadpool decided to use most of his cash to buy Facebook off, thus securing his financial future. He did just that, but unfortunately, the most popular website on Earth at the time wasn't cheap, and Mr. Wilson ended up spending most of his money on it. Suddenly, it became obvious to Inna that she could no longer freeload off her father's back and decided to move out. However, she still didn't have a job, and not to mention, Deadpool couldn't afford to even rent her her own place. Then, one of her colleagues at the university where she studied offered to hook her up with a perfectly legal occupation that would net her a huge amount of money instantly. Even though she took it with a grain of salt, Inna still heard him out.

The "job" was offered by the university's medical research division. Supposedly, one of the scientists working there had found a way to modify an embryo's genetic code in the womb during the first week of pregnancy - a discovery which, in the short term, would lead to genetic conditions and diseases being cured forever, and in the long term, could lead to the so-called "designer babies", where the parents get to pick exactly how they want their child to look. The theory was approved for testing, and thus, the university required a surrogate mother and were willing to pay $100 000 to a volunteer - half upfront, and the other half at the end of the experiment. Inna thought long and hard about whether or not to accept - after all, she definitely needed the money, but then again, she would also be forced to give birth - something she wasn't sure she was prepared to do. Not trusting her father with this, she brought up the issue to Vanessa, and finally accepted the job after she gave her approval.

Shortly afterwards, Inna was inseminated via in-vitro (using the sperm of a donor), and her naturally increased fertility quickly caused her to get pregnant. A few days after the discovery, she underwent the procedure which would change the baby's genetic code using harmless and specifically programmed radiation which was supposed to turn the child's eyes green (instead of blue like her mother's and the donor's). Throughout the next nine months, Inna watched as her belly gradually grew. Even though the whole thing was "just a job", everyone in the Wilson family anxiously anticipated the birth. Even her father turned out to be surprisingly supportive of his daughter's decisions. Finally, shortly before Inna's 23rd birthday, the young girl went into labor.

Since the scientists insisted on a Cesarian section, the birth wasn't particularly hard for Inna and only lasted a couple of hours. However, as it turned out, the experiment was a complete and utter failure - the baby's eyes weren't green. They were grey. The radiation had backfired, and instead, Inna's daughter was born completely blind. The young girl felt like she was cursed with the most terrible luck on the planet, and this even further deepened her post-birth depression. Deadpool couldn't stand to watch his daughter like that, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He went to the lead scientists and asked what they were about to do with the baby, since it was now considered a "failed experiment". The answer was nothing at all - they had no use for it, now that they learned the gene therapy didn't work, and would most likely hand it over to an orphanage. Armed with that information, 'Pool visited the recovering Inna and told her that if she wanted to keep the baby, she could.

This only made the situation even worse for her - she didn't particularly care that her daughter was blind, she still loved her like every mother loves her child. But then again, raising a child all by herself seemed impossible to her, not to mention extremely expensive. Deadpool only reminded her that she wasn't all by herself - him, Vanessa and Wade Jr. would all help as much as possible to raise the little one. And when it came to money, Inna had $50 000 and a degree in international business management, which would inevitably bring her a lot of money. Not to mention, her father's investment in Facebook FINALLY paid off, so he told her that if all else failed, he'd be happy to help financially. Touched by the overwhelming support of her family, Inna couldn't find the strength within herself to say no and agreed to take care of the baby. She named the child Elena, after her sister, though everyone soon got used to simply calling her Ellie for short.

Transfer to Yamaku:
For a while, Inna found a job as the manager of a medium-sized company - a position which earned her enough to support her and her daughter. Due to her busy schedule, she often left Ellie to Vanessa, who had offered her services as a babysitter. The next few years passed by rather quickly as she watched her daughter grow up into a beautiful young lady like herself. Unfortunately, in early 2021, tragedy struck again as the company Inna worked for was absorbed by a larger corporation, and she lost her well-paid job. She tried finding a new one for months, but there were simply no open spots left in the region. From there, the young woman had two choices - she could either accept a job she was overqualified for and which paid a lot less, or she could leave the country and try her luck somewhere else.

After telling Eos about her troubles, she managed to get in contact with one of her old babysitter's contacts, namely - Ai Futeki, the owner of Japan's biggest cosplay cafe chain, the Kitsune Kissa. Ai explained that there was a free spot available for a regional manager (aka the person who oversees all cafes in the area) and would generously offer it to her, but the catch was, she'd need to move to Japan. Coincidentally (or not), the cafes were all located in the city next to the school where Wade Jr. was already studying for a year, which influenced her choice and made her actually consider it seriously. Ultimately, the choice fell upon the six year old Ellie. After her mother asked her if she wanted to move to Japan and live next to her uncle, the blind girl enthusiastically agreed, mostly because Vanessa (a hardcore Otaku) wouldn't stop talking about how Japan was the most wonderful country in the world, even going so far as to teach her how to speak Japanese (but not how to read it, even in Braille). Not to mention - her uncle being there was a huge plus. Once that was decided, Inna called Ai up and told her she accepted the job, then took the first plane to Japan.

PERSONALITY: Inna is an extremely happy and cheerful person - she's one of the few who can truly appreciate what they have in life. As such, she tends to live every day like it's a wonderful gift, and often passes that onto others. Her kind and gentle demeanor tends to make almost everyone feel at ease around her, which tends to make her a great conversational partner. Inna is also really intelligent and analyzing, but prefers to keep that side of her hidden. She's also extremely fun-loving and is always willing to try new things and activities as long as they sound interesting to her. From time to time, she tends to be a little flirty, but that's mostly because she finds it fun and not because she's actually interesting in a relationship or anything similar. Her attitude tends to be that of an overly cheerful teenager, but despite all of that, the young woman tends to be very mature when the situation calls for it. As with every parent, her child always comes first, no matter what. No matter what she does, she's always putting her child's interests before anything else, whether everyone around her realizes it or not.
Inna Wilson

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