[Open] An Unexpected Meeting

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[Open] An Unexpected Meeting

Post by Ryuu Taketa on Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:37 am

'Ryuu! Come on, man you've done enough. Your shift's been over for, like, 10 minutes!'

'Yeah! Can't keep your girlfriend waiting!'


I just roll my eyes in responce.

"How'd you even see me talk to Motozaki?"

'Ooooh, I don't know-.'

'Atsuo overheard her ask you!'

'-Hey-shut up, man!'

"It's not like that...guys?"

They stopped listening to me.

Atsuo punches my other friend in the arm while I take off my apron.

Their talking continues as I make my escape.

Phew, it's about time. Now, where did that girl run off to?

er...I mean...Oh, forget it.

It's a big crowd. No telling who I'm going to run into.

Dusk approaches. The lights flash on while you can still see a bit of daylight that has yet to extinguish.
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