[Faywyn Passport] "Magda"

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[Faywyn Passport] "Magda"

Post by Iro Shisen on Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:03 am



She stands at 5'3", with large flowing purple hair. Her eyes are a darker shade of purple, with sun-browned skin and a medium-sized build. She usually wears tattered, multicoloured dresses. One of her iconic pieces of clothing is the classic "witches hat", which is as tatty as her dresses with many a hole.

One day, in the sleepy village of Hundin, a strange woman arrived in the town, and set up a tent in the town-centre. Inside smelled of strong incense and was very dark. As the days went by the bravest of the town went in to speak with the woman, and never came out quite the same. They spoke of their future- it appeared this woman was able to tell fortunes and give prophecies to the people she deemed worthy.

As the weeks went by, she eventually earned enough money through fortune-telling and herbalism to move into a small townhouse near the edge of the town, and settled down for a few years, continuing her mysterious trade. She introduced herself to those who asked simply as "Magda", but never revealed any other personal information.
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