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Post by Hitomi Hikari on Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:57 pm

NAME: Hitomi Hikari

AGE: 14 years old DOB: October 24, 2005

CLASS: Hitomi is a Sophomore at Yamaku Academy

Hitomi Hikari bio Mike_s10

She is in shape, has dark brown hair that falls slightly past her shoulders and deep blue eyes. She has an athletic build and is around 5'6"

BACKSTORY: She was born before her father, Mike Hikari passed away. They only met once but she remembers nothing about it because she was only a few weeks old. A few months later she came into the custody of her uncle, Kurai Hikari. She has been living with him since, along with her brother. She inherited her mother's disability, Narcolepsy. When she started attending Yamku a year ago, she started changing her attitude and how she acted. She became much more like her father and started being rebellious and carefree. She attends Yamaku academy although she hardly attends.

PERSONALITY: Much like her father she is a natural flirt. She strings many young men along and is considered "slutty" by many of her classmates. Though she has never done anything involving sex she has done many other physical things with older students. She also is a rebel somewhat. She hardly attends class instead she hangs out with her friends from the upper classes and vandalizes the town. Because of her narcolepsy however she hardly can do much. She has a carefree attitude when it comes to her family. She doesn't know her mother and thinks Kurai is her father.
She is under the impression that Saki Enomoto is her mother because of how much Kurai talked about her. One day she got curious and asked him if that was true. He reluctantly said yes.

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Hitomi Hikari
Hitomi Hikari

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