[Faywyn Passport] Nicandro Granados Soto

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[Faywyn Passport] Nicandro Granados Soto

Post by Izumi Inaba on Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:13 am

NAME: Nicandro Granados Soto
AGE: 27
APPEARANCE: 6' 7", Black Shoulder Length hair, usually wavy. Only one working eye, as he is not hetero-chromatic, but instead damaged from cataracts which has clouded his left eye completely. Usually wears a linen shirt with a collar with a Mandillion over such if it was cold. Usually black in color but may be found wearing white or navy blue. His armor consists of a specially colored red and yellow armor of plates with his families heraldry, whilst no longer in use as they have fallen from grace. The helmet has no visor but the rest of the armor looks mostly standard outside of the engraving on the front and coloration.


Born in Porto Amargo, where the last of the Granados were exiled to after their failed recapture of their lands in south Andalusia. Nicandro was raised by his father as his mother died in childbirth. His father, a former noble who was in terrible relations with the rest of the nation due to his radical beliefs and not adhering to the same Christian facets attempted to revolt and take Andalusia for his own. Whilst he was able to convert many people to his cause he was unable to win the war ultimately and was exiled and excommunicated, with their heraldry stripped from historical records and the destruction of all those who bore the Granado name. Upon landing in Porto Amargo, which was at the time a land of perdition and filled with crime, he met a woman who captivated his heart. She initially refused to even speak with him knowing not what status he once had. Her belief was that he was like any other criminal who landed there. He attempted many avenues to attempt to reach her, sending pigeons with letters and throwing stones at her window as was what is written in the plays. None of those attempts worked, and so it came to pass that he decided to gain her heart he would have to liberate Porto Amargo from it's enfeebled state and make himself reputable once more.

Seven long years later and a few wars and Nicandro's father indeed made himself reputable after becoming the first elected governor of Porto Amargo. This came at a price as the Andalusians were subsequently alerted to these developments. His father was also subsequently alerted and decided to reach this woman once more, as if he could mix his name with hers, he could hide behind that surname and nothing would be amiss. Whilst she still felt rather reluctant, she was grateful for what he had done for the island and decided to oblige. Fortune didn't favor him nor his wife however as she died not much after giving birth to Nicandro.

As for how Nicandro was raised, under the new surname of Soto, he was indoctrinated by his father in his ways. A brutish and imprudent child, he was expelled from most schools for rallying against authority and tormenting children. Instead of his father chastising him for such, he decided to take him under his wing and take control of his education. He was also taught the way of the sword during these times. When he was of age, Nicandro was sent to a military academy in far away Farwyn, as there was a shortage of fresh recruits. His father had many reasons to send him away, one was that whilst he was lucky to avoid getting murdered, his son was imprudent and could give away the fact that he is also a Granado. The second was that Farwyn had a very good military mind and their technology was beyond what they had in Andalusia. The goal was that he would use what he learned there, and travel back to Andelusia one day to take what was rightly theirs.

However things didn't not go to plan as Nicandro continued his horrible behavior and was ultimately expelled. His disgust at what his life and what his family had become gradually has driven Nicandro to a life of crime. Over time, he had garnered much attention for his successful raids on villages, hospices and even military escorts. His bravado and his radical and anti -authoritarian beliefs has driven him to create a rebel force to rise against the monarchs of the known world in order to revitalize both his own life and his lineage. Whilst there are many legends surrounding how he got the change of coloration in his eye, it was merely his refusal to seek medical care once cataracts came and begun devouring his iris.

In certain villages a rumor is spreading that it was his men or Nicandro's very self that murdered the ruler of this settlement. Whatever the case may be as of right now, even if it ultimately isn't him or his men, expect high opposition when facing a Granado.

Personality: It depends on whether you are for or against him. If you are for his cause you will find that he is actually quite a charismatic and intelligent person who can be fun to be around at times with his crude humor and extreme bravado. If against him in any way, he is a cruel and relentless stubborn little rat who will prove difficult to break down. The same humor becomes one of mockery and derision and will not fare any expense or mercy to get rid of such dross. A broken and unpredictable revolutionary with many men who follow him, be sure you're on the right side of him when you meet him or face any circumstance that comes your way.
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