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Remembering Sunday Empty Remembering Sunday

Post by Satoshi Veach on Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:13 am

Sunday and no class today. Went to the local church in town (first time I've been in the town), fell asleep on the way back, and now I want to go for a swim.

The pool is empty? Surprised, I thought it'd be a little more popular.

No matter, it keeps my horrible backne hidden and if someone comes in I'll already be in. Perfect.

I take off my t-shirt and walk down the steps. Careful around the *whistle* area when getting in because it is rare for a pool to be warm enough not to effect that place. I hate jumping in to get used to water.

Its surprisingly warm. I don't know why anybody doesn't come here more. This is definitely going to be my bi-daily exercise, that's for sure.

I hear the door open.

I say to myself.

"Asterick seems to be everywhere. I'm going to take a bet it is him seeing as him and I have just about the same mind set."

"Though I haven't realy met many people. Maybe it'll be someone new?"

I float on top of the water and wait to find out who it might be.
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