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Post by Satoshi Veach on Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:22 am

I've been really immersed in my characters lately though with never time to implement them from my mind onto paper.

I've always despised any type of art class due to the fact that it's a place in which people are assigned what to draw instead of given themes to work with when drawing what they want. It gives me a feeling of repression.

Anyway, I start my focus into my work. Playing music to help concentrate. Listening to the baddest guitar riff I have on my phone and probably currently on the planet as I draw.

The story goes our heroine, Patrick Nelson, is fighting a famed S.M.W.C. (smart mechanical warfare craft. a space travel-capable mech) pilot his unmatched skill in harnessing the power of an energy driver (a contraption hand-mounted onto every mech that allows the control of pure energy into any form the pilot can think of as long as he or she can comprehend the science behind it.) over the moon of Jupiter, Io. Both have righteous reasons for fighting. Nelson for the put down of a rebellion and gaining a prime mining colony for the solar system so Earth may defend itself better. The adversary, Felix Black, is fighting for the rights of the people living on Io who were treated like slaves.

"Finally it's done!"
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