About the SCP Foundation [In-Universe]

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About the SCP Foundation [In-Universe]

Post by Raiden on Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:04 am

The SCP Foundation (SCP stands for Special Containment Protocols, as well as the Foundation's unofficial motto - Secure, Contain, Protect) is a private, international organization that, as the name suggests, secures and contains various objects, both organic and not, that could be considered "abnormal". Its first base (Site 1) was first founded on ██.██.1956 in ██████, ███████. For the next 65 years, ██ more sites were founded all across the globe, in every country with a high enough percent of appearances of SCP subjects, including two (2) bases in Japan. Naturally, the sites are all top-secret, heavily guarded and non-existent as far as the public is concerned. All sites are operated by the brightest, most open-minded researchers that money can buy, and are protected by hundreds of elite security guards. Aside from that, at least a hundred thousand (100,000) Agents of the Foundation have infiltrated various cities across the globe and are actively searching for more specimen to contain while remaining completely anonymous and undercover. In addition, every single site is fully equipped with a nuclear device which would be used in case of a major containment breach.

All of these security measures are very necessary, as the Foundation sites are holding some of the most dangerous objects and creatures currently inhabiting the planet. Some of them are fully capable of bringing about the end of the world as we know it by themselves. Most aren't as powerful, but are still able to cause thousands of casualties if not properly contained. The Foundation's goal is to protect humanity from these abnormal objects, as well as to study them and try to find a way to use the information gained for mankind's benefit.

Each SCP subject is classified under one of four classes:
Safe - In its current condition, the subject is completely harmless to humans, both directly and indirectly. If the subject is humanoid, then a danger level close to or below that of an ordinary human is enough to warrant a "Safe" classification. "Safe" objects are generally contained in one of the sites, but "Safe" humans or sentient, humanoid creatures are generally allowed to roam free in the world, under constant supervision from at least two (2) Agents and risk of immediate and permanent containment if they begin posing a threat.
Euclid - The subject is very dangerous. It has harmed people in the past and is perfectly able to harm them in the future. Such subjects are kept contained until their status changes to "Safe", for one reason or another.
Keter - The subject has the potential to, directly or indirectly, cause a catastrophic incident in case of a containment breach, such as killing millions of people, doing permanent damage to the planet or ecosystem. "Keter"-class subjects are to be kept contained at all times, and their containment conditions are to be checked daily. In case of a breach, the staff is ordered to utilize the nuclear weapon installed on the site before the subject has a chance to escape into the outside world.
Thaumiel - Subject is capable to contain or eliminate other SCP subjects, but, for one reason or another, is harmless to normal humans. Currently, there are only three (3) "Thaumiel"-class subjects in containment.

Each site is staffed by five different types of personnel. In ascending order of authority, they are:
Class D - Typically consists of prisoners who are either serving life sentences with no chance for parole or are on death row. They are usually promised complete amnesty if they work at one of the sites for 30 days. However, the Foundation has neither the authority nor the desire to fulfill such a promise. Class D personnel are either to be used as test subjects or given tasks that will almost certainly cause death (such as cleaning the facilities of "Keter"-class subjects). In case a Class D survives the time period, their memory of the past month is wiped, and they are sent to another site. The process is repeated until the Class D has been killed.
Security Guard - Lowest-level regular personnel, typically consisting of soldiers and mercenaries who have performed incredible feats of skill and bravery on the field of battle. They are not allowed contact with or information about the subjects, but are otherwise free to roam the site they've been assigned to when off-duty.
Researcher - The scientists researching the SCP subjects. There are five different levels of research personnel - Level 1 scientists are generally only used for menial tasks, or to assist their superiors. On the other hand, Level 5 researchers have full access to most of the SCP subjects, as well as the information on them. They are also given the freedom to do whatever experiment they see fit (though any experiments involving "Keter" or "Thaumiel"-class subjects require the explicit permission of an O5 member).
O5 - The people in charge of the SCP Foundation. There are only 13 O5 members at any time, and they are responsible for all subjects in all sites. They are the only ones given complete, absolute and unrestricted access to all the information available on the SCP subjects, but due to their delicate position, are not allowed direct contact with them. Their word is law, and can override that of any and all researchers, regardless of their level. Typically, all 05 members are people with extremely high social status and incredible amount of power.

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