SCP-2030 - The Shapeshifter

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SCP-2030 - The Shapeshifter

Post by Subverse on Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:28 pm

Item #: SCP-2030

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: While staying at the facility, SCP-2030 is to be kept in a 5x5x5m standard-issue cell, with one (1) metal bed complete with futon and sheets, sanitary appliances (one (1) toilet, one (1) sink with working taps and (1) shower unit), one (1) television with one (1) DVD player with a regularly updated library of DVDs and access to any channels the subject requests, and one (1) bookshelf with regularly updated literature. Vents should be installed on all 4 walls in the case of emergency anesthesia, secured with iron bars.

No personnel are to enter the cell of SCP-2030 without proper restraint. To perform maintenance, cleaning and/or questioning SCP-2030 must first be handcuffed using the secure hatch in the door. Once the task is completed the handcuffs may not be removed until the personnel has left the room. It is advised that no foreign objects be left in the room but this is not a necessity.

In the event of an unlikely containment breach all personnel must have a DNA check to approve identity until SCP-2030 is contained.

Field Operation Precautions One (1) agent must be supervising SCP-2030 during out-of-facility time, but it may be left to its own devices during the day to fulfill whatever tasks it has been assigned. SCP-2030 must report to the supervising agent every night, under threat of location and containment, utilizing the tracking chip.

Description SCP-2030 appears to be a young Japanese male (approx. 20-30 years of age), although its real age has been confirmed to be 23. SCP-2030 answers to the name of ██████ ██████. It has dark brown hair and brown eyes and requires correctional glasses. SCP-2030's acts in a friendly manner, and is polite to strangers and friends alike. Several personnel have appeared to form friendships with it, and it is as of yet to deceive anybody. It is happy to engage in conversation with anybody and seems to have a keen interest in medical science. Personnel have dubbed it "Mephistopheles" in reference to the English play "The Tragical Life and Death of Doctor Faustus" which features a demon (Mephistopheles) who has the ability to shapeshift.

Researchers have noted the ability to shapeshift into any form SCP-2030 desires at will, usually one that correlates to another person present. Shapeshifting causes extreme pain for SCP-2030, a theory popular among researchers is that SCP-2030 physically destroys and recreates atoms. Confirmed shapeshifts include, but are not limited to, ██ ██████ ████, ██████ ███ and several Class D volunteers. It does not appear to be able to change gender, while unable to change genitalia it can change body structure and copy facial features. Researches have noted that replicas are not always perfect, imperfections such as scars and moles are not copied, and it may only copy visible sections of skin. SCP-2030 does not require sustenance. It is also able to change the appearance of any clothing it desires. Transformation appears to be indefinite.

SCP-2030 has been contained in Facility ██ since late childhood (approx. 15 years of age) when it was caught sneaking into the facility under the guise of ██ ██████ ████, sneaking in initially through a breach in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject was detained once it was noticed to be in the same room as ██ ██████ ████. After questioning it was deemed to be merely curious rather than have malicious intent. No physical harm was caused to any personnel or SCP during containment.

SCP-2030 claims to have been born to human parents, but left at the age of 10 and travel the world, and was happy to stay at Facility ██ for further studying. Dr ████ decided to designate SCP-2030 as a Field Agent once it reached physical maturity based on the advantage of its shapeshifting ability. To date it has aided in the containment of [DATA EXPUNGED], [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-2030 has no dangerous traits, aside from the ability to easily infiltrate wherever it desires.

When out in the field SCP-2030 (ID: Agent Mephistopheles) usually takes on the guise of "Hideyo Masuda", an excellent Doctor that specialises in Gynecology.

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