SCP-2031 - Living Inferno

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SCP-2031 - Living Inferno

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Item #: SCP-2031

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2031-1 and SCP-2031-2 are to be kept in a standard double cell (10x5x5) with
fireproof walls, floor and ceiling. The only unique aspect of the containment cell is its unique venting system, which has been specifically designed to suck out all the oxygen in the room in no more than three (3) seconds, creating a vacuum. Be advised that because of this modification, the vents are unable to disperse anesthetic gas like those in other standard cells, so the researcher in charge is encouraged to instead deprive subject SCP-2031-1 of oxygen for no longer than thirty (30) seconds in case of a violent outburst. After oxygen has been restored, no personnel is to enter the cell for at least three (3) hours, to avoid provoking SCP-2031-1 into another outburst. Medical intervention is unnecessary, as SCP-2031-2 has been trained to apply first aid and is able to resuscitate SCP-2031-1 if its breathing does not return naturally. If it fails, medical personnel is allowed to interfere after no less than ten (10) minutes. In that case, containing SCP-2031-1 in a brain-dead state is acceptable (if that occurs, SCP-2031 is to be reclassified as "Safe"). In any case, it is highly advisable to not separate the subjects in order to reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion.

Absolutely no flammable objects are to be brought inside SCP-2031's cell! List of banned material includes, but is not limited to, paper, wood, cloth and plastic. Currently, the items allowed inside the cell are:
*One (1) metal bed frame
*One (1) futon covered in fireproof material
*One (1) plastic oxygen mask (to be replaced if immolated by accident)
*One (1) fireproof oxygen tank

New items need to be approved by a researcher with access level of no less than 3.

Description: SCP-2031 is a pair of dizygotic twins - SCP-2031-1 (male, 15) and SCP-2031-2 (female, 15). SCP-2031-1's body has the unusual ability to immolate the oxygen in the air and control the resulting flames at will. Due to incidents early in its life, over 60% of the subject's body and face are covered in 3rd degree burns. Despite the fact that this level of damage should be fatal to an ordinary human being, it appears to only affect SCP-2031-1's exterior appearance, as the subject exhibits no long-term health problems related to the burns and demonstrates mobility that's close to that of an average human. SCP-2031-2's body is also "immune" to fire, but in a different way - direct contact with the subject's skin produces no ill effects whatsoever - no burns, swelling, marks, scars or pain of any kind are experienced by it. The outcome is the same regardless of the source of the fire. Other objects of high temperature such as burning oil or heated metal similarly won't leave any scarring on the skin, but will cause SCP-2031-2 some physical discomfort.

SCP-2031-1 and SCP-2031-2 were born in 2006 to H█████ I██████ and an unknown father. The most likely candidate is ███████ █████, considering he was romantically involved with the mother when she was in her last year of high school, and SCP-2031 was born less than a year after his death. It is very important to note that, in her childhood, the mother was involved in [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is currently unknown whether that or the father's suspected metahuman abilities had any impact on SCP-2031's condition, or if it is caused by an unknown external factor. Regardless, the subject's abilities did not manifest until the day of SCP-2031's tenth birthday - an event that caused their family home in █████, Japan to burn down and killed H█████ I██████. The SCP Foundation was originally alerted when SCP-2031-2's complete lack of injuries was discovered during its examination in a local hospital. Later, when the source of the fire was found by the investigators, the Foundation decided to contain and study both SCP-2031-2 and SCP-2031-1.

Initially, the subjects were placed in different cells (a bare cell for SCP-2031-1 and a fully furnished, standard one for SCP-2031-2), but after Dr. ███████ discovered that SCP-2031-1 becomes more likely to spontaneously burst into flames against its will the bigger the distance between it and SCP-2031-2 is, it was decided to bring them together in a bare, double cell. Initially, SCP-2031-2 expressed extreme displeasure at this, with its biggest source of distress being the lack of furniture and items inside the cell. Ever since then, it has made numerous requests, including:
*Bed (Metal bed frame and fireproof futon provided)
*Sheets & pillow (denied)
*Portable computer with Internet access (denied)
*Mobile phone (denied)
*Bookshelf with books (denied)
*Paper, pens and envelopes (denied)
*Return to previous cell (denied)
*"Anything [for it] to do at all!" (denied due to vagueness of request)
*Clothing (initially granted; later denied after multiple incidents involving SCP-2031-1's abilities; fireproof one-piece swimsuit was provided instead)

It is important to note that, to date, SCP-2031-1 has not made a single request, not even for basic necessities such as a bed. It tends to be very docile and is mostly observed sitting in the corner, with its head laid against its knees. During interviews, it either outright refuses to communicate or is unable to answer the questions in a coherent manner. When speaking with SCP-2031-2, it tends to avoid using too many words and rarely talks about itself or its feelings, preferring to instead discuss subjects that are as detached from its current predicament as possible. On rare occasions, it tends to have severe anger fits and violent outbursts, most often consisting of loud screaming and the production of large amounts of fire. However, it has never been observed to intentionally attack SCP-2031-2, either physically or with its powers. Although a diagnosis is almost impossible to make due to SCP-2031-1's lack of cooperation during interviews, its behavioral patterns suggest a particularly severe case of Asperger's Syndrome, possibly (yet not necessarily) brought about by the subject's constant asphyxiations.

On the other hand, SCP-2031-2 is not suspected to possess any psychiatric disorders. Its regular medical and psychological examinations reveal that it is developing normally for its age, though its mental condition has been greatly affected by its containment. The subject regularly has episodes of depression which appear to last longer and are more frequent the older SCP-2031-2 becomes. During sessions with a therapist, it has expressed strong suicidal desires multiple times. Since its own class would be "Safe", the possibility of having it released from containment has been discussed multiple times, but has been rejected in consideration of the negative effect such an action would have on SCP-2031-1. Other alternatives (mostly suggested by Dr. ███████) include allowing SCP-2031-2 access to other SCP subjects that are close to its age and won't pose an immediate threat to it, letting SCP-2031-2 to roam free inside the facility, arranging for daily sessions with psychologists and staff members for no reason other than to keep SCP-2031-2 entertained and building a fireproof barricade between SCP-2031-1 and SCP-2031-2 in order to allow the latter to keep personal possessions without the risk of immolation. For one reason or another, all of these suggestions were rejected.

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