SCP-2032 - The Blind Vampire

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SCP-2032 - The Blind Vampire

Post by Raiden on Thu Oct 24, 2013 3:53 pm

Item #: SCP-2032

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2032 should be contained in a standard 5x5x5 cell with reinforced walls and floor. The cell is to be furnished with the standard furniture – one (1) bed frame, one (1) futon, two (2) pillows, one (1) set of sheets, one (1) fully functional toilet, and one (1) fully functional sink. In addition, a bookshelf has also been installed inside the cell, holding a varied library of books in braille. Reasonable requests for other material possessions are to be fulfilled in a timely manner, if the subject ever makes them. Please note that, as per standard procedure, once a day, SCP-2032 is to be fed with one (1) liter of blood (provided by a local hospital). If the supply is running low, D-class personnel are an acceptable substitute. Alternatives to real, organic blood have not been found so far, and experiments should not be conducted without the explicit consent of a Level 3 researcher or above.

Absolutely no female personnel is allowed near SCP-2032’s cell! Due to the subject’s admitted homosexuality and its forced celibacy since its imprisonment, chances are it will attack any female that approaches it, just like a heterosexual member of its species would attack a member of the opposite gender if sexually repressed for too long. While SCP-2032 won’t attempt to sexually assault its victim, the injuries it will inflict upon them are arguably worse, so all female personnel ranked Security Guard and above are absolutely prohibited from entering the hallway leading into the subject’s cell!

Description: SCP-2032 is, to the Foundation’s knowledge, the last pureblooded vampire left on Earth (and possibly the last vampire in general, if “Operation Breaking Dawn” was successful). Its existence was first reported by Agent ██████, who was, at the time, stationed in █████, Japan. Back when it lived as a civilian, SCP-2032 was known as ██ ██████, and was the owner and regional manager of the popular maid café ███████ █████. As is typical for pureblooded vampires, its charm and persuasive abilities are above average when compared to those of a regular human, and it was easily able to rise to a position of power and gain its own mansion in the outskirts of the city, along with the funds necessary to maintain it and to hire female cleaning staff that the subject would also use for sexual gratification.

When Agent ██████ reported its existence, SCP-2032 was placed under constant surveillance until its abilities and origins were confirmed. Once the 05 council approved its containment, four Agents (including Agent ██████) lured it out of the city, as per standard procedure. The subject came to the spot alone and offered absolutely no resistance during the process of its capture and containment. Some researchers suspect that it was aware of the Foundation’s activities and willingly allowed itself to be captured for some currently unknown purpose, but without proper evidence, this suspicion remains nothing but speculation. After its containment, management of the ███████ █████ was given to a close family member of 05-7.

Ever since its containment, SCP-2032 has been under surveillance in an attempt to fully study the range of its abilities. However, all tests conducted thus far have proven to be inconclusive in understanding the subject’s full potential. It has thus far displayed enhanced strength and reflexes, alongside highly impressive regenerative abilities. The subject was able to heal its wounds at a far superior rate than humans, and only very few SCPs can match that speed. Any injury, regardless of its severity, will be completely gone within 1-3 seconds. This includes, but is not limited to, cuts, bruises, blunt trauma, gunshots, acid, poison, electricity and, surprisingly, fire.

Since SCP-2032 is a pureblood vampire, sunlight does not affect it in the same way as it does converted vampires. In fact, it doesn’t affect it at all, which is why it has managed to remain undetected for so long. Another important note about the subject is that it is completely blind. It claims to have lost its sight recently due to an unspecified illness (see document No. ████ for full interview conducted by a Foundation doctor). Currently, there is no explanation about why this condition affected the subject in such a way when it is immune to practically every other disease, but due to the lack of results, the matter has been left unresolved.

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