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Post by Maki Ito on Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:16 pm

NAME: Maki Ito; SCP-682-2
AGE: 14
CLASS: Freshman
APPEARANCE: Maki is a pretty short girl for her age – she’s only 4’5 (~135 cm) and weighs 65 lbs (~30 kg). While this might appear to be lower than average, it’s only because of her unique internal physiology, and she doesn’t really look underweight even when her body’s not covered by a lot of clothes. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – she looks quite physically fit, or at least as much as possible considering her small size. While she doesn’t exactly have the musculature of a body-builder, she still looks like an athlete despite the fact that she doesn’t play any sports and only exercises occasionally.

Her skin complexion tends to be a little darker that of her peers, due to the fact that her biological “mother” was dark-skinned. Her black-hair reaches down to her elbows and is usually kept aside with two plain, white hairclips (she has a box full of them in her room). Underneath her clothes, Maki has a few scars (especially around her abdomen) from the few non-lethal surgeries she underwent as a child, and despite the fact that they’re somewhat noticeable, she’s not bothered by them at all and generally makes little attempt to cover them. Her most noticeable feature, however, are her lizard-like eyes. They have human-like brown irises, but the pupils themselves are elongated, like those of a cat or a reptile.

Maki doesn’t really have any fashion sense to speak of – she tends to wear clothes that will be practical for the situation they’ll be used in. When outside of school, she’s most commonly seen wearing a white, short-sleeved shirt and a blue skirt that reaches to her knees. When exercising, her favorite outfit is a sports bra, a pair of black tracksuit trousers and a pair of black running shoes, though sometimes, when it’s particularly cold outside, she might put on the jacket part of the tracksuit as well.

BACKSTORY: Maki Ito was born under the name “SCP-682-2” inside the Japanese site of the “SCP Foundation” – an organization dedicated to capturing and imprisoning supernatural creatures. One of their specimen, SCP-682, was a huge, murderous lizard that often escaped its captivity, leaving dozens of bodies in its wake each time before being re-contained. Naturally, terminating SCP-682 became the Foundation’s top priority, but it wasn’t that simple – its physiology rendered it immune to pretty much anything they attempted. Not only that, the risky nature of the experiments allowed the reptile to escape more than once, which was why the higher-ups ordered all termination attempts to cease. The scientists working for the SCP Foundation had no idea what to do with 682 – they couldn’t kill it, they couldn’t leave it alone, and they couldn’t do experiments on it either. That’s when Dr. Yukiko Ito, a researcher working at the Japanese site of the Foundation, proposed a solution – they could genetically engineer a clone of SCP-682 whose DNA would be combined with that of a human, so that the specimen could be taught not to attack humans, and thus be controlled. The plan wasn’t perfect, but since the people in charge couldn’t come up with anything better, Dr. Ito was given the go-ahead.

The woman combined her own DNA with that of SCP-682 and tried to create a viable embryo for six years. Finally, after numerous costly experiments, she succeeded and was given the go-ahead to implant the embryo into a surrogate mother. To find a suitable candidate, the Foundation went through the medical records of every female prisoner in Japan and finally found one that could carry the baby out and give birth to it. The woman was serving a 30 year sentence for fraud and attempted murder, and was promised an immediate release if she agreed to participate in the experiment. She agreed. There were no complications during the pregnancy, so, nine months later, SCP-682-2 was born. Her purpose fulfilled, the surrogate mother was euthanized immediately.

From that point on, Dr. Ito began watching over the little girl, who she unofficially named “Maki” (spelled 真貴), meaning “true” and “precious”. For the first few years of her life, SCP-682-2’s life was relatively uneventful – she was forced to live in one of the many on-site cells while being studied thoroughly by the researchers. While she was given relatively good living conditions, especially when compared to the other test subjects, Maki never really had a proper childhood – she wasn’t allowed outside of her cell unless it was for an examination or some kind of medical experiment. This, alongside her as-of-yet undiagnosed mental condition, caused her to become extremely introverted and closed within herself. Despite showing all signs that she was more intelligent than average, Maki made no attempt to speak or engage in any social contact whatsoever until she was six years old. No one but Dr. Ito showed any interest in her psychological well-being. The doctor, while not prohibited from showing SCP-682-2 affection, was constantly reminded that the child’s sole purpose for living was to die, and that she shouldn’t get too attached. Despite that, Yukiko couldn’t help but start caring for Maki as if she were her own daughter.

When the little girl was only four years old, a documentation leak caused a group of four prisoners working at the site as D-class personnel to learn that they were scheduled to be killed soon. The four were assigned on cleaning duty in the cell of SCP-682-2, as well as all the adjacent ones in that sector. While cleaning Maki’s cell, one of them pulled out a shank that he had sneaked in and placed it up to her throat, threatening to kill her if he and his friends weren’t allowed a safe exit from the facility. Naturally, no one complied with their request, which forced the prisoner to slice Maki’s throat open and leave her for dead. Surprisingly, it only took a few moments for the wound to close, and then get covered by hard scales which protected her neck. Acting purely on instinct, SCP-682-2 proceeded to kill off every single one of the intruders, using only her teeth, nails and the man’s shank, which she pried from his dead hands. This incident, later dubbed “DL-6” by the staff, caused the security measures in her room to be increased in order to prevent a potential escape attempt – thus far, nobody expected that the little clone was capable of something like that. When question about the incident years later, Maki expressed absolutely no regret over having killed four people – “They hurt me, so I hurt them back. It was only fair” she explained.

For the next few years, the little girl was forced to undergo various experimentations that were meant to test the limits of her regenerative abilities. She was cut open multiple times, often while still conscious and a few times without anesthesia; she was shot, stabbed, burned, electrocuted, gassed, poisoned, beaten, frozen, starved and torn apart, and she recovered every single time. The constant abuse changed her, but not in the typical way. The old proverb “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” was in full effect here – with every experiment, Maki grew more confident in her own abilities. It didn’t take long for her to transgress pain as a physical sensation (mostly by becoming very used to it), which in turn caused her to realize that there was absolutely nothing the Foundation could do to her. Gradually, she became bolder and bolder. While it was made very clear to her that whatever privileges she had would be immediately taken away the moment she physically attacked someone, she began assaulting the guards and researchers verbally, learning what made them tick and using it against them as her little revenge for the experiments they put her through. Two people committed suicide because of her manipulations before they were discovered, which in turn led to her getting a very thorough psychological evaluation. As a result, the psychiatrist examining Maki diagnosed her with sociopathy. Whether her mental condition was a result of her genetics, her upbringing or both was never discovered.

A few years later, SCP-682-2 had a chance encounter with another SCP subject – Kanna Hashimoto, aka SCP-2001. The two girls were both 9 years old, and that was the first time Maki ever met a child her own age. Not only that, neither of them was human – Maki was a human/682 hybrid, and Kanna was the last mutant left on Earth after the Decimation Event. Because of her condition, SCP-682-2 felt little to no connection with SCP-2001, but the same couldn’t be said for Kanna – she immediately befriended Maki and began thinking of her as her best friend - or rather, her only friend, considering where the two of them were. Thanks to her influence within the facility, the little mutant girl managed to arrange numerous meetings with her friend over the next few years. Because of that, Maki developed a sort of attachment to Kanna, not unlike how a normal person becomes used to, say, eating a donut every morning before work. While technically the two are best friend, SCP-682-2 never considered her, or anyone else, to be very close to her.

When Maki was twelve, Subject SCP-076, also known as Able – an unstoppable, murderous psychopath – managed to breach his containment and began slaughtering guard after guard just for the fun of it. Dr. Ito quickly realized that there was only one person strong enough to stop him – Maki herself. However, her request to send the little girl into action was denied. Left with no other option, Yukiko went against orders and sent SCP-682-2 after 076 anyway. She succeeded in her task, killing Able (albeit only temporarily, due to the latter’s regenerative abilities) and saving the site from a catastrophic incident. For her efforts, she was given a Thaumiel class – meaning an SCP capable of stopping other SCPs without harming humans. Dr. Ito, on the other hand, was killed for going against orders. She was replaced by Dr. Ikari as SCP-682-2’s supervisor.

Dr. Ikari was a cold man full of hatred for Maki – he was a survivor of one of SCP-682-1’s escape attempts and lost his leg to it. Ever since then, he had sworn to find a way to eliminate the reptile, which was exactly why he was put in charge of SCP-682-2. Dr. Ikari restarted the termination experiments despite Maki’s new status as a Thaumiel. This time, he tried killing her using other SCPs. Most attempts didn’t even faze the young girl, except for one. When she was placed in the cell of SCP-173, aka the living statue, and arguably the only creature deadlier and harder to kill than SCP-682-1, Maki’s survival instincts overwhelmed her and caused her to feel true fear for the first and only time in her short life. For the next fifteen minutes, SCP-173 violated her body and mind in numerous ways. When it was done with her, there wasn’t much left of her body. It took her three days to recover physically (just for comparison, she recovered from 3rd degree burns over 95% of her body almost instantly) and another 6 for an adequate mental recovery. This encounter scarred her for life, and she often has incredibly vivid nightmares centered on SCP-173. Her biggest fear is being put back in its cell, which is the main reason why she has chosen to obey the Foundation’s instructions to the letter.

In 2021, the Foundation caught wind of an SCP subject that was roaming free and immediately began organizing a team to capture it. Since its power level was unknown, Dr. Ikari suggested Maki’s involvement in the operation, mostly because he hoped that the new SCP would kill her. Maki agreed, but under one condition – if she helped out, she would be allowed to go free from the facility. In all honesty, the girl never even suspected that the Foundation might agree – really, she just didn’t want to bother with doing somebody’s dirty work again. However, the answer she received was a positive one – if the containment was successful, she would be given a new life and allowed to live amongst her peers, under constant supervision, of course. Intrigued by the turn of events, the girl agreed and participated in the operation. Really, her assistance wasn’t needed – all she had to do was kill the newly discovered SCP’s mother in order to lure it out, which she did without hesitation.

Following the operation, SCP-682-2 was enrolled as a first-year student in Yamaku Academy. The catch was that she would be under constant supervision from the numerous undercover Foundation agents there, and her Thaumiel status (alongside her newfound freedom) would be immediately taken away the moment she broke any of the rules set for her – namely, revealing her true nature and, more importantly, physically harming an ordinary human, under any circumstances. That’s where her new life began.

PERSONALITY: As I stated above, Maki has a textbook case of sociopathy – meaning, she is completely unable to feel empathy. She can’t really understand other people’s emotions “by heart”, and has only learned to distinguish between them based on context and physical signs (which is why she sometimes makes mistakes, like thinking someone who is crying is sad, even when their tears are from happiness). She is also completely unable to form any kind of attachments or friendships, at least in the same way normal people can – she only gets attached to people the same way people get attached to objects or habits, and wouldn’t hesitate to cut someone from her life if she feels like her interactions with them are doing her more harm than good. Indeed, she always places herself and her own feelings first and foremost, to the point of completely disregarding other those of other people. Maki won’t hesitate to lie, cheat and manipulate people for her own goals without fearing repercussions or feeling any guilt whatsoever. Said goals can be anything, from acquiring more power/influence to simply getting some entertainment. Maki is extremely intelligent, being able to acquire and use knowledge much more effectively than her peers, yet she always uses that quality of hers to depower others rather than to empower them. She’s also delusional, believing herself to be way better than anyone else.

In order to blend in with her peers, Maki puts on a mask, much like many sociopaths do. Her “persona” is that of a cheerful, naïve and innocent girl, mostly because she has realized that those personality traits acquire her the biggest following. Her natural charms, good looks and high intelligence, alongside the mysterious aura surrounding her past, have made her quite popular despite her relatively short stay in school. She’s an incredibly skilled liar and, unlike most other sociopaths, is able to keep very good track of her lies so that she never contradicts herself in a way that will get her caught. Most often, she uses lies to strengthen the validity of her “mask” and prevent people from seeing her true self, but someone who is good at seeing through people might be able to realize her secret. Since Maki has been living with her “mask” for only a short while and is still not used to keeping it on 24/7, she might let a part of her true self slip out sometimes unintentionally, mostly when she’s either not focused or during emotional distress. Other times, she might take off her “mask” intentionally just to screw with somebody’s feelings for her own entertainment.

Powers: Generally speaking, Maki has two metahuman abilities. Her main one is the ability to survive pretty much anything. This only refers to survival - she is not immune to non-lethal damage in any way (even though her non-human physiology causes her to be immune to any human illnesses, as well as any medicine that wasn't specifically made for her), but she will recover from any lethal injuries almost instantaneously. Not only that, her body will also adapt to the injury and become "immune" to it, though that immunity is only temporary and wears off in a few hours. She's also able to sense the "killer intent" in people, as long as it's directed at her. As long as she is physically able to do so, Maki will subconsciously avoid any injury that will absolutely kill her, as long as it was caused by a sentient creature. Her second metahuman ability is an increased metabolism, which makes her body and mind faster than those of a regular human. The downside is that she requires more sustenance to function properly, which is why she's generally eating at least five meals a day, sometimes more when she has burned a lot of calories.

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