[CLOSED] A Real Uniform

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[CLOSED] A Real Uniform

Post by Sayuri Motozaki on Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:03 am

[this takes place after the medical exams. Quick re-cap: Sayuri has had to wear a boys' uniform thus far because the girls' uniform doesn't come in sizes large enough for her, due to her height]

It's early afternoon on Saturday. Sayuri is busy making herself lunch when she is interrupted by a knock on the door. Sighing, she wheels herself over to the door and opens it.

A delivery man is there, with a parcel for her. After signing for it, Sayuri is handed the parcel and the delivery man leaves, bidding her a nice day. Closing the front door, Sayuri heads back inside with the parcel on her lap. Checking the return address, she sees that it is from her parents. The parcel itself is soft, and feels like it could be clothes. Curious, Sayuri places the package on her bed and continues with lunch preparations.

After she has finished lunch, Sayuri wheels herself back over to the bed to open the parcel. I wonder what it could be... Ripping open the wrapping, Sayuri immediately spots a piece of crinkled green cloth inside. Curiosity rising, she unwraps the rest of the package and tosses the wrapping aside.

Two white ladies' shirts and two dark green skirts, in the style of the Yamaku girls' uniform, tumble out onto the bed, along with two black ribbons and a note. A new uniform? Picking up the note, Sayuri reads it.

   Hello, Sayuri. We're sorry we haven't been able to visit you, but work is keeping us very busy. Remember you can still keep in touch with us on the phone.
   We're sure you must be fed up of wearing that boys' uniform, so we took your measurements and had these uniforms custom-made for you at the local tailor's. They should fit comfortably without any problems. We know it's a little late, with only a few months left of your final year, but we hope you appreciate it all the same.
   Much love, and we wish you all the best with your final exams.

       --Mother and Father

Sayuri breaks out into a warm smile. A real uniform...finally... Unable to wait, she instantly changes out of her boys' uniform and into one of the girls' uniforms in the package, buttoning up the shirt, slipping on the skirt and tying the ribbon around her neck. The uniform, as expected, fits perfectly, the skirt coming down past Sayuri's knees and perfectly preserving her modesty while in her wheelchair.

Wheeling herself over to the mirror, Sayuri stands up to get a full view of her appearance. She is suddenly overcome at the sight of herself in her new uniform and puts a hand to her mouth, tears in her eyes.

I look beautiful...
Sayuri Motozaki

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