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[Closed] Chapter One: Pressure pt. 1

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[Closed] Chapter One: Pressure pt. 1 Empty [Closed] Chapter One: Pressure pt. 1

Post by Kuriko Hatsuhara Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:08 am

While sitting on a bench outside of the dormitories reading a novel in the sunlight, Kuriko receives a text on her phone from a good friend of hers: Tiberius Hawke. Her heart jumps slightly when she sees his name, and she opens the message almost immediately.

The message simply reads: I need to talk to you. I'm worried about Satoshi. Meet me by the dorms.

The girl shrugs a little, seeing no need to move from her spot, then returns to her book after adjusting her sunglasses, which were no more than a fashion statement on account of her cybernetic eyes.

Little more than a few minutes later, a shadow looms over her book, blocking the light to her book. "Hey!" she begins to complain, looking up to see who it was that disturbed her reading, only to find Hawke standing there, looking distressed.

"Hey, Hawke." She says with a happy look on her face, smiling widely, "What's up?" She stands quickly, smoothing her skirt and giving Hawke a quick hug.

Her question is simply met with a sigh. Hawke's face drops even lower, "It's Satoshi, Kuriko. I think he's upset about something. You know how he's usually the first to help a person in need? Mizo revealed some pretty deep information about himself and Satoshi reacted... weirdly."

Kuriko lays down her book slowly, then looks back up at Hawke, "How so?" she asks inquisitively, while sitting down and patting the bench next to her.

Hawke gets distracted for a few seconds, staring at the way Kuriko's cybernetic eyes went about focusing on their intended target; tiny little lenses were manipulated and rotated, just like a camera lens.

Y'know... she's pretty damn hot. Missed a trick there, Hawke.

Hawke remembers with surprising clarity the pair's first meeting, which mostly involved Kuriko fangirling wildly. He is brought back to reality by a poke in the chest by Kuriko, "Earth to Hawkey~!" She says with a giggle, then smiles at him.

"Uuuhhh..." Hawke mumbles, then shakes his head while taking a seat next to Kuriko, who smiles to herself. "Well, he just... left. No warning, he just got up and left. I asked him about it but he changed the subject quickly, turned the conversation back to me." Hawke pauses a few seconds, then clenches his fist. "He questioned my manliness."

"Oh Hawkey~!" Kuriko laughs out loud, pushing Hawke slightly on the shoulder, "How dare he?!"

Noticing the push, Hawke pushes her back, "Nobody should question my manliness, ever! Hawke declares, pointing to the sky, which is met by a laugh and a clap from Kuriko.

The pair stare at each other for a short while, neither knowing what to say. Hawke opens his mouth, about to say something, before Kuriko cuts him off, "I can talk to Satoshi if you want." She suggests quickly, which is met by an awkward nod by Hawke.

"Y-yeah. That would be best." He says, standing quickly, shuffling on his feet slightly. "Thanks, and see ya later." He quickly limps off towards the dormitory, a headache quickly forming.

Kuriko is left at the bench, staring after him. "Bye Hawke..." She mumbles softly, then picks up her things and walks towards the one place she knows she will find Satoshi: the rooftop.
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