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[CLOSED] Another New Arrival

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[CLOSED] Another New Arrival Empty [CLOSED] Another New Arrival

Post by Jimmy Cohen Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:43 pm

Jimmy was watching a TV show in his room, feeling pretty relaxed after another pleasant day at Yamaku when his phone rang. Jimmy picked up the phone promptly when he saw that the caller ID was his father.

"Hey Jimmy." Ray greeted. He sounded out of breath, but peaceful and content.
"Hey Dad." Jimmy said.
"We've got someone here who'd like to talk to you." Ray said, cryptically.

Jimmy was more than a little confused, until he heard the soft sounds of a newborn baby breathing in his father's arms.

"Oh, hi Joseph. You were a little later than we were expecting, weren't you?" Jimmy cooed, he felt some kind of instinct kicking in that he didn't quite understand.
"That's ok though, hopefully you weren't too much of a burden on your mother..." Jimmy continued his dialogue with his newborn half-brother.
"I'm sure you weren't. I bet you're pretty tired. Starting to exist is a bit weird isn't it?" Jimmy couldn't have stopped the grin that broke across his face even if he wanted to.
"Heh, I won't keep you too long then, buddy. I'll come by and see you as soon as I can. That's a promise. I kinda miss Australia. I have to talk Japanese all the time here, it gets a bit confusing. It's nice here though, you should come and visit me when you're old enough. Although that's gonna be a while yet. Remind me to come over for your 18th birthday when that rolls around, and buy you your first beer, yeah? Your first legal one anyway, don't tell Dad!" Jimmy could hear Ray and Sophia laughing at that.
"Is that a deal Dad? You can buy him his second one."
"Deal!" Ray said, happily.
"Damn, I'll be 34 before I can do that. That's a depressing thought..."
"Hey! I'm almost 34!" Sophia called out.
"Yeah, but you're a model. That makes you like 20 in human years." Jimmy joked.
There was another round of laughter from Ray and Sophia.
"Listen, Jim, Joseph's got a lot of visitors inbound and he needs to rest. Would you mind if we cut off now? I'll send you some pictures of the little guy in a minute, ok?" Ray said.
"Ok Dad, I'm guessing what that actually means is that you need to steel yourself for Gran's visit."
"Maybe... You know how she is."
Jimmy laughed.
"I certainly do. Look, I'll try and get some time off around Christmas, see if I can visit all of you for a warm winter. It's too bloody cold round here!"
"You do that, Jimmy. We'll all be looking forward to it. Bye, mate." Ray said, warmly.
"Bye!" Sophia added.
"Yeah, bye." Jimmy said, as the phone hung up with an abrupt beep.

Jimmy couldn't stop grinning like a fool. He'd never forget the date. The 22nd of September 2022, the day his little brother was born.
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