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Formalities Are Ever So Quaint, A Farewell.

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Formalities Are Ever So Quaint, A Farewell. Empty Formalities Are Ever So Quaint, A Farewell.

Post by LQ-84i Mon Sep 29, 2014 8:31 pm

On this day, the twenty-ninth of September, I resign my post as admin by mutual consent. After much thought, consideration and calculation, the time has come to pass to free time toward personal ventures and new endeavors. When Raiden, NorX and myself first founded this board, we were grateful to finally be away from the community that had spurned us toward wanting nothing other than to be free from it. With the strife and the rapid reduction of quality, we had few options and we decided to tear away to start anew, to fix the numerous problems we've encountered during out time there. Our initial membership was small and kept remnants of those who were in the community we came from. We've attempted to accommodate them but those attempts were futile as they gradually distanced themselves. We didn't expect to be around as long as we have, with numerous estimates that we were not to make it a year. This board is closing in on being up and running for two. For that, I would like to extend many thanks to the administrative team and our membership for keeping this forum a calm, collected and casual environment more than suitable for role-playing if only just low on activity most times.

Unlike Raiden stepping down from his former head-administrator role, my resignation is a permanent one, my title to be removed and not to return, by my own consent. As mentioned before, I want to dedicate all my time and available resources in pursuing goals I have wanted to for years. Much time is asked and that it will be given. This move is also because the other option was to also be as frequently absent and as the past few applications have shown me, patience is truly tested when the administration is away. I could not in good conscience allow all four of us to be this way and I would extend hope that whoever follows in my wake will be proactive in their moderation of this board.

To answer concerns of what will happen to my characters, I've decided that I will continue with their upkeep and will be utilizing them in one last great effort before retiring all of them. I will be in contact with those members whose characters will be involved in this to gauge interest in what I have planned. There is also something brewing that I must not write more about until we're about to begin with this new arc. After all this has ended, my presence here will be close to none. There would be little reason for me to remain as all loose ends should be tied by then.

I would also like to extend an apology to the administration as there will be hardly any active admins currently on the roster because of this. You've been a great help during my time here and have done well to keep me company when I was in need of it. We've hardly any problems with discipline here only having to ban one member and had few if any infractions handed out over the one and seven-twelves year lifespan of this board. I am thankful for how understanding and respectful our members have been during this time. Well wishes and kind regards to you all, farewell everyone.

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Formalities Are Ever So Quaint, A Farewell. LxG3O0F

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