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Brand New Chatbox!

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Brand New Chatbox! Empty Brand New Chatbox!

Post by Raiden Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:24 am

Alright, boys and girls, your favorite admin has a gift for you - a brand new, shiny chatbox! After testing out a few options, I finally decided to transition us to Xat. We're talking automated logins (as long as you don't sign out, which I know can be troublesome for people with multiple characters, but the sign-in is one click away anyway) and, best of all, sound notifications! Sadly, you'll need a separate account for that since we're using a completely different system, but registration isn't difficult at all, so it shouldn't be a problem for you, guys.

Let me assure you - this chatbox is just the first of many, many, MANY changes and improvements coming to the forum over the next few months! Soon enough, we should have a new admin among our ranks to replace SilentFox, and it's going to be one of YOU! Soon after that, we're going to take the biggest step in the forum's history and change things forever. It's gonna get pretty insane! Keep your eyes peeled!

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