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Greeting to Deadbook

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Greeting to Deadbook Empty Greeting to Deadbook

Post by Myra Lee Ferreira Wed Dec 03, 2014 8:01 am

I have a ill temper toward 'social networking' as it is so called but I am willing to try it out for the time being. Hello, my name is Myra Lee Ferreira, Assistant to Professor Koboyashi for the Sociology Wing of Osaka University. I don't spend much of  my time on school grounds as I'm usually busy with my university duties but I hope to make some friends here for my inaugural year at Yamaku Academy.  If you do wish to seek me out, I can be found either at the University library or this library here at Yamaku or the tea room. Lately, the tea room has been my place of residence outside of my dorm. Please stop by for a cup of strongly brewed Irish Breakfast, Chamomile or Red Zinger. I can also offer my knowledge for classes under the umbrella of the humanities (i.e. English, history, literature, etc.).

An inquiry before I sign off: Is there a newspaper on campus? I heard there is and I would be very appreciative to anyone who could provide extra information. God bless you all and have a good night.
Myra Lee Ferreira
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