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Kuroki Makina (Is this the right place?)

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Kuroki Makina (Is this the right place?) Empty Kuroki Makina (Is this the right place?)

Post by Kuroki Makina Wed May 13, 2015 7:25 am

NAME: Kuroki "Kurotori" Makina

AGE: 40

PROFESSION: Psychologist, Writer.

APPEARANCE: Kuroki has short brown hair and a pale complexion. He has a chocolate brown right eye and a sky blue left eye. He has a slim (almost wiry) build. He usually wears a pair of dark gray cargo pants, and white tee shirt with a tight black trench coat. He is usually wearing a white eyepatch over his blue eye when he's in public, but he'll take it off whenever he's with friends, alone, or writing. Despite his age, he still looks like he's in his twenties.

BACKSTORY: Kuroki was diagnosed with narcolepsy at the age of fifteen, a year after a car accident that killed his cousin Kotarou and crippled his other cousin Kotori. His father, Moroha Makina, was the CEO of a growing corperation and was raising Kuroki to entertain business partners, which included lessons in piano, violin, and even traditional kokyu, which he greatly enjoyed playing.

Moroha was very abusive with Kuroki, often mercilessly punishing imperfect grades and slip-ups, leaving Kuroki with an uncountable amount of permanent scars on his body and leading him to attempt suicide twice. With his father being an exception, Kuroki loves his family very much. Despite no blood relation, Kuroki and his stepsister Ichigo shared a very close bond. Ichigo would often treat wounds that her stepbrother suffered, even though she risked being punished for helping him.

Kuroki transferred to another school after he became narcoleptic, where he met his girlfriend Miko Miyamoto. During the years Kuroki was with Miko, he discovered he had a natural talent for writing, and published a popular light novel under the alias "Kurotori Kotomi". At the end of his freshman year, he and Miko were caught in a traffic accident caused by his narcolepsy, which took Miko's life and left Kuroki comatose for nine months. After waking up and going through grueling rehabilitation, Kuroki was informed that his father had been sent to prison after attempting to murder a rival family's heir. With his father out of the picture, Kuroki's stepmother, Riku Kurugaya, divorced and was given legal jurisdiction over both children, freeing Kuroki from his suffering.

Kuroki was sent to Yamaku Academy by his stepmother shortly afterwords, claiming that it would be safer for him there. Kuroki made a big hit on his first day after managing to enter his classroom undetected by everyone but the teacher. On his fourth day in Yamaku, someone revealed Kuroki's identity as "Kurotori Kotomi" which turned his remaining quiet school days upside-down and led to him being coerced into joining a club. He ended up publishing a sequel to his first light novel in the month following.

During his last few days at Yamaku, one of Kuroki's classmates, Suzu Suzuki, came extremely close to committing suicide. Kuroki, who had also tried to end his own life twice, was able to talk Suzu out of it. After he had graduated from Yamaku, Kuroki went to university and studied psychology, despite his already wealthy profession, and landed a job as a psychologist at Yamaku, where he deals with everything from relationship issues to suicidal depression.

PERSONALITY: He is stoic, bluntly honest and takes everything at face value, almost to the point you would think he's a robot. Despite him wearing a poker face most of the time, he's actually very warm-hearted and caring, he just isn't good at expressing it. The only time he lets his guard down and expresses himself is around people he knows and trusts. Whenever someone compliments him on his skills or talents, he'll brush it off with a "Please, I'm as boring as they come". He loves to eat ramen, read books, play kokyu, and has a soft spot for cute animals.

SUPERPOWERS: While it's not confirmed, Kuroki Makina is suspected of having the ability to teleport non-living objects that are within 10 meters of him. It is speculated that his deceased cousin Kotarou Kisaragi was the original owner of this ability and somehow gave it to Kuroki through unconventional means. Kuroki also has impressive combat skill, although it's unknown exactly how he got it.

TRIVIA: He's actually Scottish/American. Kuroki's original surname was "Machina", but was changed to "Makina" after he and his father moved to Japan.
Kuroki Makina
Kuroki Makina

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Kuroki Makina (Is this the right place?) Empty Re: Kuroki Makina (Is this the right place?)

Post by NorXTNP Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:15 pm

Ill just post the link here, but read the story anyway, its great and alot of efford was putt into it!

Ill decided that, i think i can just bump every topic ignored in the past month, we now MOVED here: you can reapply and be part of an active community there:



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