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Post by Alexander Maarx Tue May 19, 2015 7:14 pm

NAME: Alexander "Al" Maarx
AGE: 16
CLASS: Freshman

APPEARANCE: Just above average height, with eyes that shift between blue and green (depending on the lighting), a curly mess of thick black hair that is longer on top and at the front than in the back; He is usually wearing neutral and comfortable clothes, avoiding shoes when possible. Al does not put much more thought than necessary into clothes, and tends to stick to wearing the school uniform if it isn't a holiday. Also, he has a pretty extensive burn scar on his lower back and abdomen (but he usually keeps that hidden)

BACK STORY: Alexander was born into a small, disgustingly normal town in Midwest America. His father was the local priest, and his mother was a nurse at the local clinic until she died when he was thirteen in a car accident. He blamed himself for what happened, and even though logic told him that he had no part in what happened (doubly so because he was asleep at the time) he never really got over it. Two months after the accident, his father started sending him to a Therapist; three weeks later, Al stopped going. He doesn't like to talk about why, though.
Before the accident Alexander was a good student, never forgetting his homework or skipping classes, going to his fathers sermons every Sunday and going out with friends like a normal child would; Afterwords he became a completely different person. He stopped taking school seriously, even going so far as to stop going entirely. He no longer showed up at Church, or talked to most of his friends. He closed himself off to the world, becoming more and more distant.
Eventually, He got into a verbal altercation with one of his classmates that escalated to physical violence when a brash insult was thrown out about the death of his mother. Al ended up putting the boy in the hospital, and though there were no lasting injuries Al still feels terrible about what happened and is even more hesitant to let any argument escalate to Physical blows. After his subsequent expulsion, Al got into a horrible argument with his father, who eventually stated that Al should "Get himself together already, because he wasn't the only one hurting; he was just being selfish and making it worse for everyone else". It was not long after this that Al called his aunt Klara, who was the one who convinced his father that he should relocate to a more peaceful schooling environment at a school she knew of in Japan.

PERSONALITY: Al is usually pretty mellow, and has a severe enough case of Social Anxiety to keep him from being able to make friends easily, though he is making some progress with this. He is introverted and shy, but if he knows that someone needs his help he will do anything he can to help them. When he is spending time with friends he can get quite rowdy, but is usually one of the more levelheaded in his group. He does not like to lose control of his emotions, or get too close to people too quickly though so when he is with strangers he is usually quite reserved. In his own head, though, he over thinks everything. He tries (and fails more often than he'd like) To be aware of his surroundings and to not judge people.
Alexander Maarx
Alexander Maarx

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Post by NorXTNP Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:16 pm

Ill just post the link here, but read the story anyway, its great and alot of efford was putt into it!

Ill decided that, i think i can just bump every topic ignored in the past month, we now MOVED here: you can reapply and be part of an active community there:



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